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2008 News Releases

Longwood Board of Visitors approves 3.7% tuition increase

May 12, 2008

The Longwood University Board of Visitors met on campus on Saturday, May 10 and approved a tuition and mandatory fee increase of 4 percent (with 1 percent dedicated to financial aid).  Based on a 30-credit-hour schedule, the actual annual increase in undergraduate tuition will be 3.7 percent for both in-state and out-of-state students.  Total costs (including room and board) will increase 7.1 percent from $14,334 to $15,358 per year for in-state residential students and 5.8 percent from $22,654 to $23,971 per year for out-of-state residential students.    Annual costs for in-state commuter students will increase 5.5 percent from $8,058 to $8,502. Graduate tuition will increase by 10 percent, as those rates were held constant last year.

Tuition increases are required due to rising salary and benefit costs, fixed costs, escalating energy expenses, and funding needed for student financial aid.  The approved rate increases will enable Longwood to meet those rising costs and provide additional financial aid to qualified students.  

This action by the Board of Visitors will allow Longwood to tap into the Tuition Incentive Moderation Fund, established by the General Assembly and supported by the Governor.
The fund, designed to ease tuition increases, affords public colleges and universities additional general funding as long as the institution does not exceed a 3 percent tuition and mandatory fee increase for in-state undergraduate rates.  Since 1 percent of Longwood’s increase will be dedicated to financial aid, the university is in compliance and will receive at least $615,000 and increase financial aid by $151,371.

The next meeting of the Longwood University Board of Visitors will be held on June 4-6 at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg and will include a joint retreat for the Board of Visitors, the Alumni Board and the Longwood University Foundation Board.