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2008 News Releases

A new look for Longwood.edu

August 11, 2008

Screenshot of Longwood's web site in 2008 The new Longwood.edu

Visitors to the Longwood University web site will find a site that is better looking and easier to navigate.

Thanks to a major makeover, the primary pages of longwood.edu have a new look and feel as the new site was launched on Monday, August 11. New features include a somewhat rare design that adjusts to the width of the web browser and enhanced usability with multiple navigation methods including quick links for various audiences and navigation "breadcrumbs," which give users a way to keep track of their location. Other improvements include more photography, more frequently updated content, and news feeds that can automatically deliver updated content to the user without visiting the site. Text size adjustment, printer-friendly functionality, and other accessibility enhancements were also included in the redesign.

"The new site will make the visitor’s experience easier and more enjoyable," said Dave Hooper, director of web communications. "Also, the new site better positions Longwood within the higher education market and better represents the quality of the institution."

Work on the new site began in January 2007 and is the third major design since Longwood’s first web site in 1999 (see "longwood.edu from the past" below). The makeover incorporates a web content management system, RedDot, which Hooper said will provide "ease of maintenance, branding consistency and many other advantages." This phase of the makeover includes only the so-called top tier pages. Sites for Longwood’s various colleges and departments will be converted to the new look and content management system over the next two years.

In addition, the appearance of the Longwood admissions site, whylongwood.com, will be revamped over the next year so that it is "better coordinated with our marketing materials," Hooper said. The Longwood web team developed that site, which was launched in 2005.

Longwood.edu from the Past

Screenshot of Longwood's web site in 1999
Longwood.edu - Launched in 1999

Screenshot of Longwood's web site in 2002
Longwood.edu - Launched in 2002