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2010 News Releases

Longwood Board of Visitors approves multiple policy and procedure changes during recent meeting

December 10, 2010

The Longwood University Board of Visitors took the following actions during its meeting Dec. 3-4:

  • approved revisions to the Student Handbook. One change involves guidelines for new members of Greek organizations. Under the old policy, to be eligible for recruitment, new member orientation, and initiation, a student had to have completed 12 credit hours at Longwood and have a cumulative grade-point average of least 2.0. Under the new policy, a student has to have completed 12 credit hours at Longwood and have a cumulative GPA "consistent with or higher than the standards of the applicable National Pan-Hellenic or Interfraternity organization." The Board expressed its desire that admission standards for fraternities at Longwood be increased ultimately to that of sororities, thereby eliminating the current disparity in national GPA standards for panhellenic and interfraternity organizations.
  • approved changes to the Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual (FPPM) related to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS). The changes involve four key components of the bylaws that are expected to facilitate continued growth in the CGPS. Two components, definitions of Graduate Faculty and the Graduate Council, will replace existing items in the FPPM. A third component, the Graduate Curriculum Committee, is an addition to the FPPM, and the fourth component, the Graduate Petitions Committee, is a correction and update of an existing policy.
  • approved new and revised administrative policies. The new policies cover identification theft prevention program procedures, a credit and debit card security policy, and Longwood identification cards. The revised policies, all having to do with financial procedures, were changed to address departmental changes and changes that affect staff and students.

Finally, Laura Fornash, deputy secretary of education, did a special presentation to the Board: "Interim Report of the Governor's Commission on Higher Education Reform, Innovation and Investment." The Commission proposes that this comprehensive, forward-focused effort be named "Preparing for the Top Jobs of the 21 Century:  The Virginia Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011" with a focus on three main components:  Economic Opportunity, Reform-Based Investment, and Affordable Access.