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2011 Media News

Faculty research on emotional intelligence cited in article

June 20, 2011

Longwood University

A paper about emotional intelligence and job performance published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior and authored by a five-member research team from Virginia Commonwealth University that includes a Longwood University professor, has been cited in an article on BizActions.com, a business email newsletter service.

Dr. Ernest H. O'Boyle Jr., assistant professor of management at Longwood University, is part of the research team that authored the paper "The Relation Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance: A Meta-Analysis," which was published by the Journal of Organizational Behavior.  The group's research builds upon years of existing studies in the area of emotional intelligence, which is a measure of someone's ability to understand the emotions of themselves and others. The resulting analysis indicates that high emotional intelligence does have a relationship to strong job performance - in short, emotionally intelligent people make better workers.

Other members of the research team are Ronald H. Humphrey, professor of management at VCU; Jeffrey M. Pollack, assistant professor of management at the University of Richmond; Thomas H. Hawver, a Ph.D. candidate in management at VCU; and Paul A. Story, visiting professor of psychology at the College of William & Mary. O'Boyle earned his Ph.D. at VCU.

Read the news release from November 2010 at http://www.longwood.edu/2010releases_29869.htm.