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2011 News Releases

Longwood radio station receives two first place awards from Virginia Association of Broadcasters

June 28, 2011

Longwood radio station receives two first place awards from Virginia Association of Broadcasters
WMLU student staffers (from left) Ashley Bowles, Brigid Hokana, Keenan Crump, Ben Maitland and Nathan Epstein accepted two awards the station received from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters.

Longwood University campus radio station WMLU (91.3 FM) recently received two first place awards from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters (VAB).

The station captured top honors for Outstanding Sports Coverage and also for Best Station Promotion/Contest for a non-commercial/public radio station. This was the third consecutive year that WMLU has received the first place award for sports coverage. Last year WMLU received the second place award for best station promotion. The awards were presented June 24 during the 74th Annual VAB Summer Convention in Virginia Beach.

"Longwood is the only college or university to receive an award for broadcasting from the VAB for three consecutive years," said Jeff Halliday, assistant professor of communication studies, who is co-adviser to the station. The other co-adviser is William Lynn, Longwood's multimedia supervisor. Ashley Bowles, a rising senior from Chesapeake, is the general manager.

The sports award was for overall coverage and was accepted by Keenan Crump and Nathan Epstein, who last year were the sports director and assistant sports director, respectively, and Ben Maitland, the incoming sports director. The award recognizes their work and that of Kevin Green, also a member of the station's sports broadcasting committee. Crump and Epstein, who were among at least six students who were sports broadcasters for WMLU, graduated in May 2011. Maitland is a rising senior, Green a rising junior.

The other award was for a 60-second promotion for Bandfest, sponsored by WMLU and held the Friday of Spring Weekend, that was written, scripted, edited and recorded by Jesse Gentry, the news director last year. WMLU's second place award in this category last year also was for the Bandfest promotion, also done by Gentry, now a rising senior. This year's award was accepted by Ashley Bowles and Brigid Hokana, chief trainer for the station.

In VAB competition, commercial and non-commercial stations are judged separately (the latter receive funding directly from state/public sources or private donations), and the award categories are broken down by market size. Only VAB-member radio and television stations are eligible to participate.

WMLU (www.wmlu.org), which started in 1981, is a 250-watt station housed in the ground level of Hiner Hall. It does live streaming of music and student programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to Bandfest, WMLU sponsors Battle of the Bands, at Oktoberfest. The university pays for the station's major radio-related equipment, and the Student Government Association funds the events and some other expenses not related to on-air broadcasting.


Longwood radio station receives two first place awards from Virginia Association of Broadcasters