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2012 Faculty & Staff News

Dr. Craig Challender publishes third full-length book of poetry

May 31, 2012

Craig Challender

Dr. Craig Challender, professor of English, has published his third full-length book of poetry.

As Details Become Available was published in late February by Pecan Grove Press of San Antonio. It was a finalist for the Ohio State University Press/The Journal Award in Poetry in 2006. The cover photograph and the author's photo on the inside back cover were taken by Challender's daughter, Alice.

The title of Challender's new book refers to what he perceives as our culture's fear of ambiguity: the desire of some people to know everything, while others don't want to know anything. "The book contains some biographical poems, some political ones - though I usually don't write political ones - and there's a couple of Farmville poems in there," Challender said.

Challender's other full-length books of poetry, Dancing on Water, also published by Pecan Grove Press, and Familiar Things, published by the now-defunct Linwood Publishers, also were finalists for poetry prizes. Dancing on Water was a finalist the 1991 Capricorn Prize, a national award for poets over 40, and Familiar Things was a finalist for the 1988 Virginia Prize.

Challender also is the author of three shorter books of poetry, called chapbooks. They are The Family (Stronghold Press, now defunct), Dakota Time and Other Times (James McLaird Publishers) and Craig Challender's Greatest Hits (Pudding House).