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2012 News Releases

Two alumni among four appointees to Longwood Board of Visitors

July 12, 2012

Brad Schwartz, Lacy Ward, and Shelby Walker
Brad Schwartz, Lacy Ward, and Shelby Walker

Two Longwood University alumni are among four members appointed recently to the Longwood Board of Visitors by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

New members include Brad E. Schwartz '84 of Virginia Beach, CEO of Monarch Bank, and Shelby J. Walker of Charlotte Courthouse, M.S.'93, librarian at Randolph-Henry High School in Charlotte County. Also appointed to Longwood's governing board were Eric Hansen of Moneta, president and co-founder of Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT), and Lacy Ward Jr. of Prospect, director of the Robert Russa Moton Museum.

Schwartz, Walker and Ward will serve four-year terms; Hansen is fulfilling Dr. Rip LaRoche's unexpired term, which ends June 30, 2013. Hansen is eligible to be reappointed to two additional four-year terms; the others are eligible to be reappointed to one additional four-year term.

Schwartz is the leader of a senior management team with oversight of a $690 million publicly traded community bank, large multistate mortgage operation and other financial subsidiaries. Previously he held senior executive positions with American National Bank & Trust Company, the Bank of Richmond, and Citizens and Farmers Bank. In addition to his Longwood degree, a B.S. in business administration, Schwartz, a certified public accountant, has an MBA from the University of Richmond and is a graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Georgetown University.

Walker has worked for 20 years as a librarian at Randolph-Henry High School, her alma mater. She is the Charlotte County Schools representative for the Regional Schools Contracting and Planning Subcommittee, which is an advisory role in the planning process for instructional services and training provided by WCVE Education. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Richmond.

Hansen's company, IWT, headquartered in Forest and founded in 1997 as a spinoff from GE/Ericsson, is recognized as a world leader in wireless mesh networks, wideband/ultra-wideband and radio geo-location technologies. Hansen previously held engineering positions with Ericsson and Motorola. He earned a bachelor's degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a master's degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Ward is director of the Farmville museum that focuses on the role Prince Edward County played in the racial desegregation of America's public schools. The museum is housed in the former Moton High School, site of the 1951 student strike that led to a lawsuit that became part of the landmark Brown v. Board ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954. Ward was selected by President George W. Bush to serve on the Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Commission. Among his previous positions, Ward served on the staffs of two Virginia congressmen and was superintendent of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. He served nine years on active duty as a Navy flight officer and is a veteran of the Gulf War. He earned his undergraduate degree from Virginia State University and has a master's degree from Virginia Tech.