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2010 Faculty & Staff News

Longwood’s Peggy Agee earns award for outstanding clinical achievement

October 6, 2010

Peggy Agee Dr. Peggy Agree

Longwood University's Dr. Peggy Agee, assistant professor and coordinator of the undergraduate program in communication sciences and disorders, is recipient of The Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Outstanding Recent Clinical Achievement, presented by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation.  The award will be presented at the ASHA convention in Philadelphia in November. 

Dr. Agee was presented the State Clinical Achievement Award by the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) during the group's annual convention held in April 2010. Her selection for this award earned her an automatic nomination for the DiCarlo Award.

As recipient of the awards, Dr. Agee is recognized for her efforts during the past six years to advance clinical practice in speech-language pathology and specifically for her efforts to give at-risk children in the Southside region the skills to "crack the reading code" and develop strong literacy skills. Dr. Agee created a number of clinical initiatives to serve children in rural, Southside Virginia and developed and marketed these initiatives and programs independently. In order to assist needy families unable to afford the modest tuition costs for these programs, Dr. Agee initiated several fundraising opportunities including Brunswick stew and chili sales and Bingo games in the community.

Through the Longwood Center for Communication, Literacy, and Learning (LCCLL), Dr. Agee launched Camp Jump Start, a preschool language and literacy camp for 3-5 year-olds designed to facilitate the development of emergent literacy skills. The program is aimed toward developing the skills that the National Early Literacy Council identifies as predictors of future literacy success -- alphabet knowledge, concepts about print, phonological awareness, invented spelling, oral language, and name writing. Camp Jump Start completed its fourth year of operation in summer 2010.

Project Emerge, a spin-off of Camp Jump Start, began in 2009 in the Prince Edward County Head Start program. Dr. Agee designed the program and directly coaches the graduate students who implement the program throughout the academic year. 

Project Emerge is provided at no cost on a weekly basis and employs the same principles that drove the success of Camp Jump Start.

STAR (Storytelling and Retelling) was started in 2009 in response to an intervention program for selected pre-kindergarten children identified as having difficulties with language. Longwood University graduate students join Dr. Agee twice weekly for 30-minute sessions with the children. Prince Edward County Schools requested an expansion of the STAR program during the 2010 spring semester to reach a second group of students.  Dr. Agee coached a colleague in creation and implementation of the second STAR group.

The CREW (Constructing REal Writing) summer camp held at the LCCLL in 2009, involved second, third and fourth grade students who worked to develop their writing skills through engaging and interactive activities. The writing lab approach of this camp focused on providing instruction in the writing process and developing language skills through authentic writing tasks.

The LCCLL is an interdisciplinary center that offers speech and language services, tutoring, and classes in parenting skills.