What's New?

2017 Virginia Waterways Cleanups: Plan now for our September and October statewide cleanup events!

This annual cleanup of trash and litter in our rivers and on our beaches is part of the International Coastal Cleanup. If you would like to be a LEADER of a cleanup, please signup to be a Site Captain by contacting CVW at cleanva@longwood.edu or calling us at 434-395-2602. Learn more about this statewide hands-on stewardship event.

Litter-Free Weddings and Celebrations

Joyful Send-Off is a new effort to promote litter-free weddings and other celebrations. To discourage the mass release of balloons and reduce balloon litter, we are proud partners with the Joyful Send-off campaign.  Check out fun, picture-perfect ways to celebrate at www.JoyfulSendoff.org.

  Talking Trash: A Call to Action

What is "marine debris"? Dive into this topic with Clean Virginia Waterways' excutive director, Katie Register along with NOAA's Amy Uhrin. (26 minutes; the interview starts at minute 2:00)

"Our Daily Mini-Tsunamis: Plastic in the Ocean" a free article to download

This article by Katie Register, Clean Virginia Waterways' executive director, explores how our daily actions lead to trash in our waterways and ocean. It includes tips for educators on engaging school students in meaningful and educational cleanup activities.
Click here to download the article (it is in the Winter 2014 Issue of The Earth Scientist Journal).

Keep It "Beachy Clean": Decreasing cigarette litter in Virginia Beach
Thanks to grants in 2015 and 2016 from Keep America Beautiful, CVW has teamed up with many partners to decrease cigarette litter in the resort area of Virginia Beach. We focused on reaching hotel guests and hotel employees with an anti-litter message. Learn more on the CVW Beachy Clean web page and the "Beachy Clean Virginia Beach" web page too!

Balloons as Litter Research Project
Clean Virginia Waterways is partnering with the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Research Center in a study to better understand the sources, impacts and solutions to balloons as litter. You can help us collect data. Learn more about this study, or click here if you are ready to enter some data.