Strategic Plan 2014-2018

Our Mission

Longwood University is an institution of higher learning dedicated to the development of citizen leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to the common good of society. Building upon its strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, the University provides an environment in which exceptional teaching fosters student learning, scholarship, and achievement. As the only four-year public institution in south central Virginia, Longwood University serves as a catalyst for regional prosperity and advancement.

Our Opportunity

A Model for American Higher Education – few institutions in the country have Longwood’s potential to make great progress; we have kinetic energy without the entrenched views prevalent at many institutions

Our Key Principles

Academic Enterprise at the Heart – as one of the hundred oldest U.S. colleges and universities and Virginia’s third oldest public university, we prize faculty engagement with students, our residential character, research and scholarship, and the role of a broader learning community beyond the classroom in the preparation of citizen leaders

Transforming Lives – we are at our best when helping to transform lives, by helping our students to truly realize their potential and by helping keep higher education affordable

Camaraderie – we enjoy a distinctive camaraderie, enriched by our many traditions and attention to diversity; a camaraderie that gives us a distinctive advantage when working through challenges and challenging times

Our Priorities

Retention & Graduation – it is a moral imperative, and likewise catalytic from the standpoint of revenue and the spirit of the University; academic rigor is fundamentally part of the solution, as is affordability

Renewing General Education – we can build a powerful curriculum, building on the liberal arts and sciences for citizen leaders, our unique assets such as Hull Springs, the LCVA, and nearby Moton, and our technology

National Marketing – institution-wide endeavor and marketing collaboration will make one of the fifty oldest NCAA Division I schools as well-known as it should be

Foot Traffic by Alumni and Friends – philanthropy and public support for the University hinge on visits to campus and in-person engagement, since those who see our beautiful campus love Longwood

Prosperity of One of America’s Oldest Two-College Communities – Farmville, Prince Edward, the surrounding region, H-SC, and Longwood stand together where the Civil War ended and Civil Rights began; we will thrive together

Strengthening the University Community – faculty and staff compensation must rise substantially; opportunities for professional development must increase; diversity must be fostered; all of which will enhance retention and hiring

Organization, Structuring, and Governance – we must give continually fresh attention to how Longwood is structured and to our policies, practices, data methodologies, and stewardship of resources

Measuring Progress

Each part of the University will determine how best to assess progress against these priorities in its own area; here are metrics Longwood will measure and monitor as barometers that will reflect our institution-wide progress:

  • Student Progress to Graduation
  • Consensus on General Education, Implementation, and Assessment
  • Alumni Annual Giving Rate
  • Overall Attendance at University Events (Performances, Games, Exhibits, Conferences, Lectures, etc.)
  • Total Population of the Local Community
  • Compensation for Faculty and Staff
  • Composite Financial Index (CFI)