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Homeland Security

Interdisciplinary Minor in Homeland Security

The Homeland Security Minor offers students an interdisciplinary program that incorporates a wide variety of course work relevant to the national needs regarding homeland security within the context of the global economic and political forces at work in the world today.

Requirements for 18-Credit Minor in Homeland Security:

In order to complete a minor in Homeland Security, students must:

File a form of intention to pursue the minor at the Office of Registration.
Complete the three courses (nine hours) listed below earning no less than a C- in each:
POSC/HMSC 345 Terrorism and Homeland Security in a Global Age
POSC 441 International Relations
PSYC 470 Psychology of Terrorism and Homeland Security

Pass at least 9 hours from the courses listed below earning no less than a C- in each of those courses:
CMST 420 Intercultural Communication
CMST 430 Crisis Communication
CIMS 376 Introduction to Computer Security, Forensics, and Law
CMSC 355 Introduction to Computer and Network Security
CRIM 305 White Collar Crime
ECON 307* Economic Development and Transition to Free Markets
ECON 319* International Economics
GEOG 241 Cultural Geography
GEOG 352 World Regional Geography
GEOG 458 Geographic Information Systems
HIST 202 History of Islamic Civilizations
HIST 308 United States Diplomatic History
POSC 338 Politics of the Middle East
POSC 343 American Foreign Policy
POSC 442 International Law and Organizations
SOCL 301 Sociology of Religion
SOCL 376 Sociology of Law

* These courses have pre-requisite requirements.