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Integrating Undergraduate Research into Pedagogical Practice

May 21, 2015

Call for Proposals

Click this link for details on submitting a proposal for the 2015 Teaching & Learning Institute.

Ever since the publication of The Boyer Commission Report on Reinventing Undergraduate Education in 1998, undergraduate research has been seen as an important and enriching experience for students which provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in their own learning, giving them critical and practical skills for the workplace and preparing them for postgraduate study.  Liberal arts and teaching-focused institutions are well positioned to promote such experiences, with faculty who already work closely with students to ensure their success.  Since 1998, such institutions have undergone tremendous transformation resulting in more demands on faculty and other stakeholders. Faculty are encouraged to develop innovative and engaging pedagogical practice while also increasing their own scholarly output. Staff members are encouraged to participate in student success.  In light of such changes, how can teachers, mentors, and advisors meet the challenge of providing meaningful research experiences to students? In what ways can we extend the benefits of the research experience to as many students as possible? How can we integrate significant research experiences within our classes and throughout our curriculum? How can faculty benefit from incorporating opportunities for student research into their teaching philosophies and practices? How can all members of the university community contribute to mentoring undergraduate student researchers?

The Center for Faculty Enrichment (CAFÉ), the Office of Student Research, the Digital Education Collaborative (DEC), and Greenwood Library invite you to join us for a day of interactive exploration of these questions.  In addition to a keynote address, participants will choose from a variety of sessions focusing on the institute theme.  The Institute is free for all Longwood faculty and staff, and faculty at other higher education institutions in the state of Virginia. 

The Teaching and Learning Institute seeks proposals for presentations on a variety of topics that include, but are not limited to

  • Mentorship within and outside the classroom
  • Team-based and collaborative research
  • Classroom-based research assignments
  • Disciplinary and interdisciplinary research
  • Development of research communities
  •  Teaching research methods
  • Integration of research into the curriculum
  • Integration of faculty research into the classroom
  • Incorporation of information literacy
  • Use of technology to represent research



CAFÉ: Center for Academic Faculty Enrichment


The mission of CAFÉ is to foster a vibrant intellectual community that supports innovative teaching, scholarship, and professional growth.  CAFÉ pursues this mission with the understanding that a dynamic faculty engages students by integrating learning with 21st century pedagogies.  To this end, it seeks to promote, sustain, and celebrate a climate of open intellectual exchange--an ongoing cross-discplinary dialogue that builds collaborative relationships.


The goals of CAFÉ include providing support for faculty by faculty in the following areas:

  • Faculty Development
  • Instructional Development
  • Organizational Development