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The Monday Blackwell Talks, a research seminar series for all Longwood faculty and graduate students, was developed after a series of conversations between Dr. Melissa Yeager, Dr. Wade Edwards, and Dr. Tony Koyzis regarding a forum for faculty to present developing research and innovative ideas in an informal, friendly environment to their colleagues who then ask questions and provide suggestions and additional ideas.  The series began in Fall 2009 and is currently sponsored by CAFÉ.

Blackwell Talks are held in Blackwell on consecutive Mondays of each term during the lunch hour with light refreshments provided to all attendees.  Faculty presenters receive a stipend, certificate, pin, and the title of Blackwell Scholar.  They are encouraged to attend all sessions within the term in support of their fellow Scholars.  Blackwell Scholars are selected by members of the Blackwell Talks Committee (originally known as The Committee of Ruthless and Picky Selection) from proposals submitted twice each year.

The presentations made are on new research at any stage of preparation, from the eureka moment to publication-ready papers, shared in terms intelligible to non-specialists. Topics of general, pedagogical, or interdisciplinary interest are especially encouraged. Undergraduates will not normally be admitted.

The goal of Monday Blackwell Talks is to foster a campus environment of collaboration, scholarly interaction and faculty development. Unlike the presentations for the Faculty Colloquia, which are usually for finalized research projects, the Blackwell Talks--fuelled by free caffeine, an abundance of sugar, and serious camaraderie--are designed to showcase and support budding scholarship at its early stages.

Faculty Colloquium Series

The Faculty Colloquium Series showcases faculty research and gives faculty members the opportunity to share research with the university community. One proposal is selected for the fall and one for the spring.


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