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2010 Archive

Spring 2010 Blackwell Talks

Spring 2010

25 January
Rob Marmorstein
Recent trends in e-mail harvesting (or: How do spammers get your e-mail address?)

1 February
Cindy Schmidt
A Content Analysis of Marketing in Libraries

8 February
Charlie Kinzer
Crescent City Clarinets: A Study of 15 influential soloists in early jazz

15 February
Matt Prickett
Masters of Families: Fatherhood in American Writings for Children, 1620-1900*

22 February
Maureen Walls-McKay and Don Fleming
Micro-aggression in colleges and universities*

29 February
Leigh Lunsford and Philip Poplin
Basic mathematical skills and success in introductory level statistics


Fall 2010 Blackwell Talks

Fall 2010

August 30th
Chris McGee, English and Modern Languages
No Escape from Hollywood High School: Fatalism and Individualism in Contemporary High School Films

September 13th
Adam Franssen, Biological and Environmental Sciences
Remembering the Future: Mother Knows Best
Powerpoint File: Click to download Blackwell_Talk_Adam Franssen.pptx (6.1MB)

September 20th
Cathy Roy, Health, Recreation, and Kinesiology
Fearing Physical Activity More Than Obesity- A New Perspective
Powerpoint File: Click to download Blackwell_Talk_Cathy Roy.ppt (6.8MB)

September 27th
Casie LeGette, English and Modern Languages
The Lyric Speaker Goes to Goal: Poetry and Prisoners in Nineteenth-Century Britain

October 4th
Bennie Waller, Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Real Estate
Estimating the Effect of Crime Risk on Property Values and Time on Market: Evidence from Megan's Law in Virginia

October 18th 
Melissa Rhoten, Chemistry and Physics
The Ins, Outs, Ups, and Downs of POGIL Pedagogy
Powerpoint File: Click to download Blackwell_talk_POGIL_Pedagogy.ppt (1.7MB)