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2012 Archive

Fall 2012 Monday Blackwell Talks

Mondays, Noon to 12:30p.m. - The Virginia Room, Blackwell Hall

Snacks and drinks are provided; bag lunches are welcome
  • 17 September - "Randomizing Districts for Reelection: A Thought Experiment," Scott Wentland, PhD Assistant Professor of Economics
    Dr. Wentland proposed a rule that would change the way we elect our legislators, showing how it would transform legislators' incentives, and perhaps their decision making process, by randomizing their district assignments rather than allowing them to represent their own constituency.
    Presentation File: Powerpoint File

Scott Wentland at Blackwell Talks

  • 24 September - "TBI and Verbal Fluency," Dr. Ann Cralidis Assistant Professor Department of Social Work and Communication Sciences and Disorders
    Dr. Cralidis shared how individuals with and without moderate to severe traumatic brain injury would differ both quantitatively and qualitatively on tasks of phonemic and semantic verbal fluency. She is hoping to continue the study and devise a suitable training program.
    Presentation File: Powerpoint File 
  • 1 October - "Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Woman Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll," Chris Kjorness Adjunct Music Faculty
    Presentation File: Powerpoint File 
  • 8 October - "Understanding Trust Generation in the Middle East," Dr. Sarai Blincoe Assistant Professor Department of Psychology
    Presentation File: Powerpoint File

Sarai Blincoe

  • 22 October - "Investigating publication bias: Why systematic differences may exist in published literature," Dr. George C. Banks Assistant Professor of Management

George C. Banks

  • 29 October - "Joan of Arc for the Modern musician," Dr. Jennifer Capaldo Asst. Professor Music Dept

Jennifer Capaldo at Blackwell Talks