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Subject Tutoring

Students Studying

Longwood University offers open guided sessions free of charge to Longwood students.

You can view the available sessions for specific courses here:  http://blogs.longwood.edu/subjecttutoring/

* Please note you may need to login with your Longwood ID to view the subject tutoring schedule*

Contact The Center for Academic Success if you have a request for a course not listed above.

Our Tutoring Cancellation Policy:  We abide by Longwood's guidelines for school closings.  Therefore, if classes are being held, then we will offer tutoring services (unless otherwise noted by a sign on the tutoring room door) and if classes are cancelled by the University, then tutoring is cancelled!  This policy applies to campus-wide closings.  If a professor cancels a class, then tutoring should still be in effect.

*Sunday tutoring: Our tutoring week begins on Sunday.  If classes are being held that week, tutoring is offered.  For example, the Sunday before Spring Break (when there are no classes) there is no tutoring.  The Sunday after Spring Break (when classes resume Monday morning) tutoring is offered. 

If you have any questions about tutoring, please contact our office, (434) 395-2393.   


Tutor Request

Please contact the Center for Academic Success and the Writing Center to participate in one of the tutoring sessions.


Praxis Help

To receive help on the Praxis please see the following resources:


VCLA Writing Test

If you are looking for assistance with the Writing portion of the VCLA, our Writing Center is ready to help!  BEFORE you come for a session, please go to the link below, and take one of the two writing tests.  At the end of this, there are answers, so you can score your test, as well as explanations.  Please look through these answers, find what you feel you still need work on, or do not understand, then bring all of these to the Writing Center to work with one of our consultants.