The Center for Academic Success (CAS) offers proctoring for Longwood University students who are currently enrolled in a course at Longwood but who are taking online courses through another college/university. 

Please read and follow the guidelines below:

Proctoring Through the Center for Academic Success

Step 1

For security purposes, most schools require a proctoring form to be filled out by both the student and the proctor so that the school can provide us with a password for you to complete the exams.  Please locate this form, fill out your part and bring it to the CAS (Library #154).  If it is after hours or no one is available, please feel free to leave the form under the door.  There is a time delay, so it is helpful to complete this process early in the semester!

Step 2

Please allow at least three business days once the form has been turned in.  During that time, the staff of the CAS will complete our portion and either send it to the school or contact you to come by to pick the form up and return it back to your school.

Step 3

Your school will then send the proctor the information needed for you to complete the exam.  It normally takes 5-7 business days for them to complete the request and send the CAS the passwords.  Once they are received, you will be sent an email using your Longwood email address letting you know we have the information for you to complete the exam.  We will ask for you to respond with dates and times you are available.

Step 4

We will do our best to accommodate your requested times, however the Center is very busy.  We ask that you schedule your exam 2 days prior to when you need have the exam completed.  Once we have a time scheduled, if you are unable to attend, please contact the Center to let us know you will need to be rescheduled.  The Center is open from 8:00 -5:00, Monday – Friday,  but staff are not always available.


If you have any further questions about getting your exam proctored please feel free to contact the center.