Student Resources

Develop Your Study Strategies

If you want to learn, you need to use study strategies that will work for you. The Longwood Center for Academic Success can help you figure out the best strategies for you. So can a number of websites such as:

Additional resources are also available in a PDF format to assist students with exam preparation, test anxiety, and test-taking strategies.  You can find these resources below:

Exam Preparation
Test Anxiety
Test Taking Strategies
Calculate Your GPA

Enter your grades and number of credits for each class to calculate your GPA:

GPA Calculation Sheet with Example
Get Math Answers and Practice Right Now

Information and practice quizzes for pre-calculus, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations:

Social Networks to Help with Academics

Edudemic offers 5 social networks that help students with their academics.  With the growing use of social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, the methodology of education for students is finding new and improved ways. Students are getting more prone to the commodities these platforms offer. Therefore this advancement in social networking platforms is providing students with much better options to engage with their contemporaries, enhance their skills and access a wide variety of academic tools and resources which will most definitely add up to their convenience.