We have several resources to assist you with Math Praxis Case: Core Assessment of Skills for Educators.   The last two options are relatively inexpensive alternatives to the traditional practice books.

We now offer tutoring for the PRAXIS I Math. Available sessions for specific course 

  1. The link below is available from the company that creates the PRAXIS CASE.  It is free.
  2. There are a number of books you may purchase.  Beware…the PRAXIS CASE (new test January 2014) is different from the PPST.  Make sure that you use the CASE books!  There are several on 3-hour reserve in the library.  
  3. There is a Canvas course (non-credit and no fee!) to assist with PRAXIS math.   Please note that this was created before the new test.  It is more to guide the practice of math problems.  Anyone may be added to this course.  Please use your Longwood email to contact Rebecca Sturgill at sturgillrk@longwood.edu and state that you would like to be added to the course.
  4. An electronic tutoring package newly available to Longwood provides a large selection of modules for you to use as you prepare for your math test.  You may choose to test yourself on all of the modules or you may choose to work in areas that you know you are weak.  Each module gives you a problem and if you solve it correctly, you can go on to the next one.  If you have trouble with the problem there are several levels of tutoring and guided practice problems that will coach you to an understanding of the problem.  And then you can go on.
  5. Dr. Lynn Gardner, a professor at George Mason has written a workbook: Core Math Made Easy to help prepare for the PRAXIS Core math test.    Copies of the workbook are available on her website:  www.mgmtutoring.com   PLEASE feel free to explore her website before you purchase, she has practice problems to show what the book covers.

The CAS also provides assistance for the VCLA writing test through our Writing Center.

Please prepare one of the practice essays (try to stick to the time limit) and when complete bring your work to the Writing Center.