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Nate Epstein

He's Got a Face Made for Radio (And TV Too)

Nate Epstein is a bona fide "sports guy." A 2011 graduate of Longwood, Nate grew up playing soccer, basketball and golf. He even started dialing in to sports talk shows at the tender age of 13.

His passion for sports - and talking about them - led him to a position as a sports anchor and reporter at WDAM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. And he wouldn't be on the air (every weeknight at 6 and 10 p.m.) without his experiences at Longwood.

If you tuned in to WMLU anytime over the last four years, you heard Nate's voice. With the help of his friend Keenan Crump '11 and supportive faculty, Nate led sports broadcasting at Longwood from non-existent to the recipient of three consecutive awards from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters. Nate, Keenan and their classmates put blood, sweat and tears into the station's sports broadcasting department, building it back up after five years off the air.

"I got lucky - I went to a school that allowed me to do these things," Nate said. "I went somewhere that allowed me to pursue my dream and learn the only way you can - through experience. Essentially, I was able to make a big splash in a small pond. But it wasn't just me. Everyone had to work hard to achieve what we did."

As a Communications Studies major, Nate took a wide variety of classes ranging from media writing and broadcast production to media law and media in society. Together, they gave him the foundation needed to land his first full-time position in sports broadcasting.

"Every class in some way has helped me reach where I am today - both the classes and the hands-on experiences. Longwood had the perfect proportion," Nate said.

"At most schools, when you study skills in the classroom, you have to wait to apply them in the real world. When Dr. Halliday taught us how to use a camera, to edit, all of those things - we actually had to go out and do it. We applied them the next day. You can't say that everywhere."

Nate's making a big splash in a new pond now, but he has a challenge for current students: find the opportunities and run with them.

"Longwood is an unbelievable venue for anything you want to do. There are so many different options there. But you have to go out and pursue them - they're not always going to come after you."

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