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MBA Boot Camp

Longwood MBAs Train for Tomorrow at "Boot Camp"

It's boot camp, for sure, but you don't have to crawl, stand for inspection or crank out 100 push-ups for an uppity drill sergeant.

This camp is for MBAs, but don't get to thinking it's a cushy weekend.

"MBA boot camp" demands early rising, intense focus and teamwork from anyone seeking a "master of business administration" from Longwood's AACSB-accredited business school.

Longwood's MBA is offered primarily online but boot camp brings everyone together for a long weekend on campus (Thursday to Sunday) for required instruction. Nearly 30 graduate students completed the rigorous program this summer.

"There's no yelling or heart-pounding calisthenics, just high-energy, focused learning," said Abbey O'Connor Longwood's MBA director. "It's an intense couple of days."

Boot campers experience the "7 Habits of Highly Successful People," a ropes course, team building exercises, case study reviews, guest speakers and final project presentations, all of which forge the professional relationships students will take beyond the program.

One of boot camp's highlights is the final project presentation. Each year, Longwood partners with regional businesses and involves MBA students in addressing actual business challenges. Last summer, boot campers presented a final marketing plan to a local waste management and recycling operation.

"It's a great experience meeting colleagues, networking and validating all the hard work that goes into obtaining an MBA," said Bret Lewis, a newly minted Longwood MBA who completed boot camp in July 2011. "Getting a positive reaction on our marketing plan from the ‘client' made it all worth it."

Longwood offers MBAs online with two focus areas, general business and retail management. Additionally, Longwood's five-year MBAdvantage program combines undergraduate arts and sciences degrees with an MBA.

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