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Xun Bian

Smarter Finance

From homes to hedge funds, Dr. Xun Bian bridges gaps

Is there a better time to explore a scholarly interest in mortgages?

With mortgage misdeeds arguably at the heart of today's economic uncertainty, Dr. Xun Bian, assistant professor of finance at Longwood University, thinks the time is right.

And there's no better way to illustrate for students what devils may lurk in the details of a mortgage.

"General knowledge of the mortgage market is fairly limited," says Bian. "My intention is to equip students with the necessary knowledge to understand mortgages and not make costly mistakes with them."

Bian also is researching a mortgage concept known as "information asymmetry," referring to situations when either the buyer or seller of a home has more information than the other.

"It's about fairness and making sure there's a level playing field," says Bian.

An international point of view

Bian levels the global playing field of high finance for students, too. A native of Changsa, China, Bian came to the U.S. in 2001 with first-hand experience of the Chinese economic boom and the country's growing influence on the world's economy.

"It's always an eye opening experience, to get outside your own country to see what's different," Bian says. "Sharing my perspective with students adds value to every class."