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Marc Bein

Student Without Borders

In the Dominican Republic, Longwood senior Marc Bein encountered real need while on medical study trip in early 2013.

Marc Bein, a nursing major, spent a week in January serving at a health clinic in Paraiso, a community located about an hour outside of the capital, Santo Domingo.

Bein joined Margo Potts, director of the Student Health & Wellness Center; students from the College of William & Mary; and other health providers traveling with The Dominican Aid Society of Virginia. The organization provides aid and medicine to the Dominican Republic and raises awareness and donations among the Richmond community.

The health clinic provided basic care for patients, mainly for cold and flu symptoms. Bein assisted in recording patients’ health information such as height, weight and vitals. "The second half of the week, I sat alongside Margo to learn what she was doing," said Bein, who is from Crewe. "I helped assess the patients and gave my recommendations, that type of thing."

A study-abroad trip is required of each student in the Cormier Honors College.

"As per requirements, I worked on a research project alongside students from the College of William & Mary," said Bein. "We went out in the community and assessed how they felt and what they knew about hypertension, specifically."

It was Bein’s first time traveling to a Third World country, but he had prepared himself for what to expect. "It’s very underprivileged, very underserved," he said. "It was surprising though, that for how they live, they are still very friendly people. It was nice to work with them."