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Student Safety

Questions? Concerns?

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More information for parents can be found on our comprehensive Parents & Families web site.

What Your Students Can Expect This Fall

Information for Parents 


Will my student be safe at Longwood?

Safety is our highest priority. Our campus is located in a secure environment and University Police actively patrol the campus 24 hours a day. Our residence halls are equipped with a 24-hour card-access system and alarmed exterior doors. Students only have access to the residence hall in which they reside. All visitors wishing to enter a residence hall must be escorted by a resident. We also help students understand risks in order to help them learn to make good decisions. Programs such as self-defense classes and the Night Walkers organization reinforce the commitment to overall safety and well-being of the student body. Additional information can be found on the Residential & Commuter Life web site.

What if my student needs academic help or some form of counseling?

Many situations in life require some sort of assistance. Whether it is in the academic or social realm, we have all been there. When that help requires more than a conversation with a roommate or a phone call home to Mom and Dad, staff in Counseling and Psychological Services and the Learning Center are there to help.

Tell me about your Advising and Career Center services.

Longwood's University Career Center is a full-service office dedicated to helping students in their many different phases of academic and career preparation. Our staff of professionals is trained to work with students in the midst of many decisions: What will I major in? Where should I do my internship? What kinds of careers are available to particular majors? How do I prepare for an interview?

faculty with studentHow can I have access to my student's records?

If you want access to your student's records, instruct them to complete and submit a release form in the Registration Office. If they do not complete and submit this form, we cannot release protected information to any one other than the student. We will not be able to discuss any information with parent(s)/guardian(s)/spouse until this form is completed and submitted.

Are there medical services on campus if my student gets sick or has chronic health needs? 

The Student Health and Wellness Center offers both clinical and health education services. Students needing treatment for acute illness/injury will be seen by Advanced Practice Clinicians (Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant).  These clinicians can assess and treat common conditions which might also be seen in a family physician’s office and will consult with the University Medical Director regarding complex conditions and referrals as needed.  Health education for individuals and group programs are also available through the Wellness Coordinator who is a Certified Health Education Specialist.   Centra Southside Community Hospital is less than a mile from campus for emergencies. There are also clinicians in the community for chronic healthcare management. For more information visit the Student Health and Wellness Center website at www.longwood.edu/health/index.html

What if my son or daughter has a disability?

Your son or daughter should visit and/or call the Office of Disability Resources as soon as he or she has been accepted to Longwood.  This office provides accommodations for people with qualified disabilities in all areas, including physical disabilities, learning disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments, and psychological disabilities.  This office also handles all of the ADA compliance on campus.  You can visit their website at www.longwood.edu/disability , or call them at 434-395-2391 to set up an appointment or to request information. 

Can my Freshman have a car on campus?

First year Virginia students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. For the most part, the social life of the student body is on-campus, so there are few reasons to need a car. There is a ride board in the Student Union that helps students identify others with whom they could share rides home for holidays and breaks. Also, public transportation is available to students throughout the year. Bus transportation to a central location is offered for a small fee to northern Virginia and Hampton Roads before and after breaks.

What is the cost?

See Cost & Financial Aid.

What family oriented events do you provide?

Each fall, Longwood University plans a Family Weekend designed to invite parents, siblings and other family members to spend time with their Longwood students. A full weekend of activities is planned from dinner in Dorrill Dining Hall to a movie and popcorn out on Lankford Mall.

PLEASE do not feel limited to Family Weekend when you feel like visiting your child!! You are always welcome on Longwood's campus. You are a part of this Longwood family as much as your student.

Where can I find overnight accommodations close to campus?

The Longwood Bed and Breakfast offers upscale accommodations at very reasonable prices and only a short walk from the Longwood campus.  Learn more and view other accommodations