Transfer Guide

If you did not meet freshman admissions criteria, you must do the following to be a competitive applicant:

  1. Attend an accredited college or university and take transferable coursework in English, math and science (science classes must include a lab for a total of 4 credits). NOTE: You must earn at least a C in any course for it to be transferrable.
  2. Complete at least 24 transferable hours (one year).
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

Remember: If you earn a transfer-oriented associates degree (Associate of Arts and/or Science degree) from one of the Virginia community colleges or Richard Bland College and you are admitted to Longwood, you are guaranteed completion of all Foundation-level courses as well as the Integrating World Languages Perspectives-level course associated with Civitae (Longwood’s core curriculum program).

Students interested in Liberal Studies/Elementary Education, Middle Education or Special Education should be aware that these programs do not have any room for electives. Interested students should take the required courses listed above and select their remaining credits from the advising sheets.

Please note:  A transfer student is defined as a student entering the institution for the first time, but known to have previously attended a post-secondary institution the fall semester after high school graduation and beyond.