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Staying active in the Longwood family is easy.  Just choose what time bundles you'd like to participate in each month to reach your one hour!

What is the 1 Hour a Month program?

Our 1 Hour a Month program is the easiest way to stay in-touch with your alma mater. We’ve put together simple time bundles for you to participate in each month and earn awesome Longwood rewards. Many of the time bundles include things that you are already doing, like sharing Longwood events and initiatives on social media, connecting with fellow alumni, and helping current Longwood students find internship and job opportunities.

How it works…

Once you sign up for our 1 Hour a Month program we’ll send you email reminders each month to participate in the program. The monthly reminders will even give you opportunities to attend exclusive events, participate in one-of-a-kind initiatives, and earn extra Lancers gear.

When you complete your month, simply fill out our online form. We’ll tally your points for you and send you a fresh 1 Hour reward when you reach a rewards threshold.

Mix & Match

There are no rules on how to reach one hour.

Alumni can do one 15-minute bundle four times, or they can mix and match. One alumnus completed an hour by endorsing a fellow Lancer on LinkedIn, sharing a photo of his pledge class on Founder's Day, and emailing two fellow Lancers about a job opening at his company.




Priority Bundle - 1 Hour

Help Longwood succeed in its most current projects. Each month, projects will change based on the greatest need. For December:

  • The deadline to apply for colleges is fast approaching. Have you introduced a high school student to Longwood yet? How will you pass on the Longwood legacy? Share with us what you are doing to help high school students pick Longwood as their new home by attaching a photo and/or leaving a note.

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The Flag Raiser - 1 Hour

Share your blue and white spirit all around the world

  • Request to borrow one of our Longwood flags to take on your next vacation, business trip, Lancer meet up, or big event. Take a picture with the flag at interesting locations or with fellow Longwood alumni, send us a copy, and mail back the flag for the next Lancer to use.
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The Connector - 15 Minutes

Help grow Longwood’s network for alumni and current students.

  • Use The Longwood Network or LinkedIn to connect with current Longwood students or alumni.
  • Post job opportunities or internships on the Longwood Network.
  • Endorse or recommend Lancers for professional opportunities.
  • BONUS: Participate in our monthly Engagement Wanted ads on the Longwood Network to earn bonus points and a special reward.
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The Photog - 15 Minutes

Share your Longwood love visually!

  • Share a Longwood related photo on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us @LongwoodAlumni
  • Share your 1 Hour Reward hitting your mailbox and a selfie of you in your new gear!
  • Does your business or school have a college spirit day? Share a picture of everyone dressing up in Longwood gear.
  • Tag your friends on Facebook and share an old college photo from your time at Longwood.
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The Promoter - 15 Minutes

Help us get the word out about Longwood events and initiatives

  • Visit, follow and share a recent post from the Longwood Office of Alumni and Career Services Facebook account.
  • Refer a friend to the 1 Hour a Month program and make sure they aren’t missing out on free Longwood gear.
  • Email or message a Lancer about an upcoming event on campus or in your area.
  • Retweet a recent @LongwoodAlumni tweet on twitter.
  • Share a recent post from the Longwood University Page on Linkedin with your network.
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The Legacy- 15 Minutes

Help us develop future Lancers!

  • Encourage a current high school student to apply to Longwood
  • Bring your family or a high school student to come for a campus tour
  • Dress your kids (or pets) up in Longwood gear and share the pictures with us
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The Road Warrior- 1 Hour

Sometimes volunteering is just as fun as cheering on your Lancers and meeting fellow alums!

  • Head to LongwoodLancers.com and see when a Longwood sports team is coming to your area. Cheer on the Lancers in your area or come back to campus for a game
  • Attend a regional event in your area hosted by the Office of Alumni & Career Services
  • Come back to campus for an event, dinner with old friends or just because!
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The Recorder - 30 Minutes

Stay in touch with us or an old friend

  • Email a short, 100 word or less update for the "Class Note" section of the next Longwood Magazine to alumni@longwood.edu- What’s happening in your life over the last few months?
  • Login to The Longwood Network or use Linkedin and write a short message to an old friend or classmate and reconnect
  • Write to another Lancer alum and suggest they volunteer for the One Hour Per Month Program
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