Meeting Minutes - June 18, 2016

Meeting of the Board of Directors
Longwood University Alumni Association
June 18, 2016

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Longwood University Alumni Board was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Kendall Lee on Saturday, June 18th, 2016 in the Martinelli Board Room at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Directors Present: Kendall Lee, President; Tammy Jones, Vice President; Ryan Catherwood, Secretary/Treasurer; Dale Baake, Byron Bracey, Cydney Cavender, Chris Davis, Jeris Johnson, Amanda Lloyd, Melody Margrave, Linda Norris, Ruth Radzisauskas, Dante Ricci, Rohsaan Settle, Becca Shelton

Directors Absent: Matthew Crawford, Hunter Edwards, Brandon Fry, Mandi Mulholland, Rob Postel, Caitlin Zoetis

Others Present: Eileen Anderson, BOV

Others Absent: Barbara Hedgepeth, Foundation Board

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 19, 2016 meeting were distributed and reviewed. Dr. Lee requested a motion to approve the minutes. 

Action No. 1: A motion was made by Ms. Lloyd and seconded by Ms. Margrave approving the minutes of March 19, 2016.

President’s Report

Welcome/BOV Report

Kendall Lee welcomed the Board and discussed the recent BOV retreat he attended in Northern Virginia and conveyed (highlights):

- The Executive Director of the Commission for Presidential Debates was in attendance and gave insights into why Longwood was selected to host the VP Debate;
- Examples were given as to how academic departments are fusing debate related courses into the curriculum;
- Expected viewership for the VP Debate will be between 72-92 million
- For the first time ever over 5,000 students applied for admission;
- New appointments for the BOV including Bob Wertz as the new Rector;
- The average matriculating freshman class has been 1,063 over the last four years and we can expect the same this year;
- New location for the Bookstore downtown with opportunity for more merchandise. 

Board of Visitors Report

Ms. Anderson relayed topics of interest from the last BOV meeting which included topics associated with the Vice Presidential Debate, new construction projects currently happening around campus, approvals from the General Assembly for future construction projects, increases in visits by Advancement gift officers, and results from the student-organized Relay for Life.

Vice-President’s Report

Tammy Jones mentioned that volunteering at Commencement was a rewarding experience and that Dr. Lee did a nice job speaking.  She thanked Ms. Johnson and Mr. Crawford for volunteering and encouraged other board members to do the same next May.

Ms. Jones welcomed the new Board members present: Linda Norris and Chris Davis, and Rob Postel, who was unable to attend.

Ms. Jones gave a Foundation Board report which included:
            - February 21, 2017 will be the next Day of Giving;
            - Dan Balz, Washington Post senior political editor was selected as 2016 Commencement speaker;
            - Over 800 students, alumni and community members have volunteered to help with the Vice Presidential Debate;
            - Jim Lehrer will be speaking at Convocation in the fall;
            - The Weyanoke will reopen as a boutique hotel;
            - The Longwood Golf Course is closing;
            - Institutional Advancement reported 842 awards were given to 602 students for over 1 million scholarship dollars.

Presentation by Jonathan Page, Director of Citizen Leadership and Social Justice Education

Jonathan Page gave an update on the numerous programs and initiatives in focus this year for the Department of Leadership and Service Learning. Jonathan welcomed Board members to reach out to him for additional information.

Treasurer Report

Ryan Catherwood provided a financial report on the current account balances in FY 15-16.

Mr. Catherwood provided budgetary information at Dr. Lee’s request that $17,621.80 be moved from the Royalties account to the Alumni General account to help underwrite Alumni Board operations as well as the Alumni Awards Ceremony.

Action No. 2: Mr. Ricci presented a motion to move $17,621.80, and Ms. Margrave seconded the motion thus approving the request.

Ms. Nicole Perkins, Associate Director in the Office of Alumni and Career Services gave a presentation on upcoming plans for a revamped Alumni and Reunions Weekend Program scheduled for June 2-4, 2017. The group discussed ways for the Board to get involved.

Ms. Perkins asked Board members to consider sponsorships, hosting a book drive, and volunteering for day-of events at the Virginia Children’s Book Festival – October 13-15, 2017 here on campus.

Review of “1 Hour a Month” Volunteer Program

Mr. Catherwood reviewed a new volunteer program designed to ask alumni to donate one hour a month. The program includes “time bundles” – 15, 30, and 45 minute activities designed to help students and alumni connect and to build a stronger network.

Committee Reports

Alumni Awards

Dante Ricci reported that he was going to convene the Awards Committee by conference call over the coming weeks and begin the nomination process.

Alumni Events

Amanda Lloyd provided the Alumni Events report which included a discussion on how the alumni board could help participate in the planning of the Alumni and Reunions Weekend.


Dale Baake re-presented a resolution for the Board’s consideration. The proposed resolution changes language in the bylaws associated with making nominations to the Board of Visitors.

Issue Topic: Alumni Board recommendations to Board of Visitors

Current Bylaws section 2: number 4: reads “to receive a report on the recommendations made on behalf of the Alumni Association regarding alumni and other individuals nominated for consideration by the Governor for appointment to the Board of Visitors”

Issue:  Reports of the nominations have been done in the past however policies have changed to where nominations are now done online.

Option 1: Remove this wording from our bylaws if reports are no longer received

Option 2: So that the Alumni Board stays involved in the nomination process we word smith Section 2: number 4

Solution: Edit the bylaws in section 2: number 4 to read “to receive recommendations made on behalf of the Alumni Association regarding alumni and other individuals nominated for consideration by the Governor for appointment to the Board of Visitors” 

Action #3: Ms. Margrave made a motion to approve the suggested bylaw language changes and Ms. Lloyd seconded the motion, thus the motion was approved.