Meeting Minutes - June 9, 2018

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Longwood University Alumni Board was called to order at 9:15 a.m. by President Tammy Jones on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 in the Martinelli Board Room at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Directors Present: Tammy Jones, President; Dale Baake, Vice President; Ryan Catherwood, Secretary/Treasurer; Sharyn Abernatha, Cydney Cavender, Matthew Crawford, Chris Davis, Hunter Edwards, Erica Howell, Jeris Johnson, Amanda Lloyd, Melody Margrave, Linda Norris, Rohsaan Settle, Becca Shelton, Caitlin Zoetis

Directors Absent: Byron Bracey, Heather Brown, Charlaine Hirst, Rob Postel, Dante Ricci

Representatives Present: None

Greetings – Tammy Jones

  • Goodbye and thank you to Hunter Edwards and Matthew Crawford
  • Thanks to Ms. Shelton, Ms. Lloyd and Alumni Events committee for setting up the FACES volunteer experience
  • Thanks to OACS for reception and setting up Weyanoke Hotel accommodations
  • Rob Postel resigned from the Board due to his move to the West Coast

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 17, 2018 meeting were distributed and reviewed. Ms. Jones requested a motion to approve the minutes.

Action No. 1: A motion was made by Mr. Edwards and seconded by Ms. Margrave approving the minutes of the March 17, 2018 Board meeting.

President’s Report and BOV Update– Tammy Jones

  • Jones attended BOV meeting retreat in Williamsburg, VA
  • New Admissions and Academic building on track to open Fall 2019
  • Brock Hall was dedicated in May and staff moved in after Commencement. It is now home to the Student Success Center – Victoria Kindon discussed at BOV meeting new coaching model to help students transition from high school
  • Upchurch University Center slated to open Fall 2018 – (ribbon cutting October)
  • Hotel Weyanoke now open for business
  • Frazer Residence Hall now under renovations and slated to be offline for one year then Curry will go offline for a year
  • At BOV meeting Courtney Hodges talked about Day of Giving – just under 3,000 donors in 24 hours, $258,000 dollars, 1200 new donors, 1,100 alumni participated, student giving doubled in dollars and donors, faculty/staff participation up by 12%
  • Upcoming baseball events series – Board encouraged to attend
  • Mega reunion was well executed, great variety of events, happy to have Board table on Stubbs

Ring Ceremony was a successful event.  Board members were able to engage with students and their families.

Vice President’s Report and Foundation Board Update– Mr. Dale Baake

  • Mike Lewandowski elected new President of Foundation Board, with Drew Hudson elected as Vice President
  • New Foundation Director was hired – Patty Rosenburg starts fulltime in October 2018
  • June 21-22 is next Foundation Board meeting
  • Admissions is up, CBE enrollment is up
  • CBE Dean Tim O’Keefe has ideas for MBA enrollment, goal is 500 students
  • Holiday Inn Express and Hilton Tru are now open in addition to Weyanoke
  • New Restaurant opened called 119 on Main Street
  • New statue coming end of summer to south end of Brock Commons to be nicknamed Joanie on her Ownie

Treasurer and Finance Committee Report– Mr. Ryan Catherwood

  • Addendum added to Alumni Lecture Series fund that will allow funds to cover faculty requests for resources pertaining to alumni-facing events
  • Year-over-year class ring sales are down slightly due to changes in promotions calendar                      

Guest Speaker – Student Traditions Old and New – Dr. Larry Robertson, Dean of Students

Guest Speaker – Brock Experiences – Josh Blakeley, Director of Brock Experiences                                                                                                                                                                                            Committee Reports

Board Relations - Dale Baake

  • A slate of proposed new members was presented to the Board: Paige Rollins, Kathleen Fox, Shawn McDougall, Rachel Rose, Robin Liesfeld
  • Keep nominations coming for Alumni Awards throughout the summer

Action No. 2: A motion was made by Ms. Cavender and seconded by Ms. Lloyd thus approving the slate of nominees for a three-year term as Directors on the Alumni Board

Alumni Awards - Chris Davis & Caitlin Zoetis

Alumni Events - Amanda Lloyd & Becca Shelton                                                                                   

  • Thanks for coming to the Food pantry
  • Confusion around tabling at Mega Reunion – need to provide more resources

Structure and Function – Matthew Crawford

Action No. 3: A motion was made by Ms. Johnson and seconded by Mr. Crawford to split the position of Executive Secretary and Treasurer positions into two leadership positions. The new Executive Secretary position and the election thereof  along with new duties and responsibilities would be voted on in March 2019.           

OACS Update – Ryan Catherwood, AVP Alumni and Career Services

  • Season 2 of the Day After Graduation podcast is now complete
  • Baseball events and Welcome to the City parties coming up this fall
  • Longwood Network platform powered by Graduway will change in September and be powered by new provider
  • Alumni Awards nominations – please send
  • Joan of Arc Celebration for alumni that have already celebrated their 50th reunion is Sept. 28-29
  • Kyle Hodges, Assistant Director, Career Services starts July 9th

Lunch and Focus Groups