• 5 things you need to know about Virtual Alumni Weekend

    Have you joined the event? The biggest virtual party of the year is June 4-6, 2021.

  • LinkedIn: The Missing Manual

    Every alum knows that effective networking is the difference between landing a job and landing a great job. And that mastering LinkedIn is a critical component of effective networking.

  • #FutureAlumniFriday

    Do you work in sports-based marketing, the eSports industry, or know someone who does?

  • #FutureAlumniFriday

    Do you own a small business, work in the hospitality industry, or know someone who does?

  • #FutureAlumniFriday

    Do you work in the creative writing or publishing industry or know someone who does? Current senior Kaitlyn Helsel dreams of becoming a published author and sharing her stories with the rest of the world.

  • How to Conduct a Successful Informational Interview

    As we explored in the article detailing The Hiring Manager’s Story, candidates for open positions are selected most often because they have successfully created a professional relationship that resulted in a referral.