• Alumni Spotlight: Meet Erica Howell '07

    Meet Erica Howell '07 a Donor Communications Manager at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

  • #FutureAlumniFriday

    Do you work in the marine biology field or know someone who does? Current senior Tessa DeWalt wants to work with every creature in the deep blue sea, focusing on immunology and toxicology as it pertains to marine species.

  • #FutureAlumniFriday

    Do you work in a customer-oriented industry like talent acquisition or sales, or know someone who does? Current senior Lucas Hobson wants to work for a company where he can help to create a culture of caring for customers.

  • Just one hour makes a difference

    Longwood’s 1 Hour a Month program is an easy way for Longwood alumni and friends to use social media to expand our community.

  • #FutureAlumniFriday

    Do you work in the digital marketing and communications field or know someone who does? Current senior Miranda Farley wants to help new companies develop their digital and social media strategy, after graduation this May.

  • LinkedIn: The Missing Manual

    Every alum knows that effective networking is the difference between landing a job and landing a great job. And that mastering LinkedIn is a critical component of effective networking.