Class of 1967

Sharyn Powell Abernatha
Becky White Adams
Patricia Brown Albanese
Joyce Albro-Laverty
Edith Austin
Lucy Flannagan Blevins 
Cheryl Roberts Bradbury
Eleanor Woodruff Breckenridge
Nancy Brown
Linda Frye Brown
Ginny Hammond Bryant
Edwina Miles Covington
Nancy Piland Creekmore
Dianne Crush
Alberta Curran
Cookie Hawthorne Currin
Mary McClenny Deal
Patricia Dewey Thomas
Victoria Doss
Mary Drew Lucas
Susan Goodes Drewery
KS Dunnevant
Carter Ransone Edwards
Janie Wall Evans
Nancy Faulkner
Sara Gurney 
Anne Lancaster Hall 
Diane Hall
Lynn Gardner Heffron
Margaret Jackson Bell Herrin
Mary Lynn Burton Hicks
Anne Courtney Hoge
Nancy Spain Hudson
Carol Rex Jensen
Vicki Jeter
Diana Johnson
Deborah Kendrick
Carole Dawson Kraemer
Geraldine Daniel Kruger
Susan Zix Lee
Phyllis Lewter
Betty Loving
Anne Lund
Tassie Bagley Madden
Mary Manson
Connie Melton 
Kay Moore
Bobbie Davis Mowbray
Sue Musselman
Lois Neighbors
Patricia Thrift Nolan
Mary Goode Okon
Susan Trainer Pasquariello
Julie Glass Paulette 
F. Loretta Pridgen
Hilda Puryear
Elizabeth Carson Schwartz
Karolyn Shaw
Linda Pritchard Smith 
Bobbi Conyers Strickler
Sandra McIvor Thompson
Esther Royster Tyler
Margaret Waddell 
Dianne Twilley Whitlock 
Susan Wilson 
Beverley Goodes Wooldridge
June Herndon Zapach

When the first of the month rolls around, it's time to pay the monthly bills: mortgage/rent; car payment; electricity; gas; Longwood University. Wait – Longwood?!

Yes! For more and more Lancer alumni, making a regular gift to support our alma mater is part of each month's standard routine.

"Monthly giving is great, because it allows our alumni the option to give up a monthly latte to support Longwood’s current students," says Katherine Bulifant ‘13, Longwood's Director of Annual Giving. "Many alumni choose this option, because they are able to give a larger gift over the course of a year rather than a smaller one-time annual gift."

Lots of benefits to monthly giving!

There are so many reasons to give monthly to Longwood:

  • It's environmentally friendly: When you sign up for an online monthly donation, you help us save paper since we don't need to send you regular mailings.
  • It's easy: Once you preauthorize your monthly giving amount, your donation becomes automatic.
  • It provides you with a deeper connection to your alma mater: The communication you receive from Longwood will show the results of projects funded by your regular
  • It helps Longwood's current students: A monthly giving program provides Longwood with a predictable and stable income stream, helping us plan more effectively for ways to strengthen our school.
  • You can be assured that more of your gift is going to help Longwood: Recurring giving helps lower administrative costs. By eliminating processing and mailing costs, more of your gift can be used to strengthen Longwood.

A recent alumnus shares his story

Not long after Vincent Kramolowsky received his Longwood degrees, he began donating monthly to his alma mater. Vincent—who received a bachelor's degree in history and secondary education in 2015 and a master's degree in special education in 2016—teaches history-based special education in Cosby High School in Chesterfield County, Virginia.