When the first of the month rolls around, it's time to pay the monthly bills: mortgage/rent; car payment; electricity; gas; Longwood University. Wait – Longwood?!

Yes! For more and more Lancer alumni, making a regular gift to support our alma mater is part of each month's standard routine.

"Monthly giving is great, because it allows our alumni the option to give up a monthly latte to support Longwood’s current students," says Katherine Bulifant ‘13, Longwood's Director of Annual Giving. "Many alumni choose this option, because they are able to give a larger gift over the course of a year rather than a smaller one-time annual gift."

Lots of benefits to monthly giving!

There are so many reasons to give monthly to Longwood:

  • It's environmentally friendly: When you sign up for an online monthly donation, you help us save paper since we don't need to send you regular mailings.
  • It's easy: Once you preauthorize your monthly giving amount, your donation becomes automatic.
  • It provides you with a deeper connection to your alma mater: The communication you receive from Longwood will show the results of projects funded by your regular
  • It helps Longwood's current students: A monthly giving program provides Longwood with a predictable and stable income stream, helping us plan more effectively for ways to strengthen our school.
  • You can be assured that more of your gift is going to help Longwood: Recurring giving helps lower administrative costs. By eliminating processing and mailing costs, more of your gift can be used to strengthen Longwood.

A recent alumnus shares his story

Not long after Vincent Kramolowsky received his Longwood degrees, he began donating monthly to his alma mater. Vincent—who received a bachelor's degree in history and secondary education in 2015 and a master's degree in special education in 2016—teaches history-based special education in Cosby High School in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

"I don't give a lot of money but if I can give a little bit that helps makes Longwood an enjoyable experience, just like I had, for others, why not do it?," says Vincent. "From the first day I walked onto campus, it felt like home.  I was in a fraternity, played club soccer, served as a peer mentor, and  was able to be involved in so many different ways that you can't at a bigger school

Vincent says that he made lifelong friends at Longwood and is still in touch with some of his professors. " People who were at Longwood before I was helped create the family culture that's there," says Vincent.  "I know that it's hard to maintain that small school vibe without proper funds."

"I give $20 each month which is not a ton of money but I know that it helps," says Vincent. "It's just another monthly expense that I have gotten accustomed to. I see how Longwood's faculty and administration continue to try to create a better Longwood and I want to help them do that."

Make a monthly reoccurring gift.

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