Aerial View of Commencement 2017

On Saturday, May 19, Wheeler Mall will be filled with the sounds of laughter and celebration as the Class of 2018 graduates from Longwood. The mall will be awash in joyous students draped in academic gowns, each adorned with a velvet hood stripe whose color signifies the student's degree. Family and friends will fete their favorite Lancer as the seniors transform from students to alumni.

The next step on life's journey

Our amazing seniors have spent the last four years expanding their knowledge, skills, and groups of friends. They now embark on the exciting next stage of their life's journey. Some graduates are taking time to travel. Others are starting their dream job. Some new alumni will remain students as they head off to graduate school.

No matter their next destination, all of our newest alumni have been prepared for this next step by their Longwood education.

Reflecting back

Just as attending a wedding may make us reflect on our own vows, graduation can be a time for alumni to remember our transition from college to the "real world."  Do you remember this sometimes scary and other times exhilarating stage of life? Could you imagine your life today when you were standing on Wheeler Mall for your own graduation? We invite you to take a few minutes and think about your own journey from Longwood to today.

Welcome our newest alumni

Our graduating seniors are poised on the exciting precipice we have all stood upon. Join in welcoming them to one of the best groups in the world – Longwood alumni!

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