Throughout the year we ask alumni to share a part of their life with us. Whether it be a photo, a memory or reflection, or advice they wish they knew as a student or would like to pass down. In all of these snapshots of their life, one thing is clear, Longwood is at the heart of it all! Below are some of our favorite submissions, in no particular order, because picking a favorite is like picking a favorite Longwood tradition. Impossible.

1. Courtney White: Class of 2019 

I gave to the national organization of Phi Sigma Pi, an organization I helped found and run during my time at Longwood and now advise the group as the new leaders shape the future of our organization. Thanks to the funding at Longwood, I was able to attend our national conference this past summer and got hooked into a big alumni network that was very inviting and I hope to continue to go and support the next generations that go through this amazing group.

I was a scholarship recipient through the Criminal Justice, Sociology, Archaeology Department, and I would tell my scholarship donor thank you so much for allowing me the added benefit of attending my new school (William & Mary Law School) with an added cushion for textbooks, because they are very expensive here! I would also love to thank the department for preparing me to do well and engage in discussion while I have been here at Longwood.


2. Caitlin Gills: Class of 2012

We always stop on our way to the Outer Banks and this was our first trip with our son, Colter. We made sure he stepped on some crowns and met Joanie on the Stonie. We may have a future alumni on our hands (fingers crossed). :)


3. Sofia Pandazides: Class of 1988

Alpha Gamma Delta’s 60th anniversary on campus. Farmville is a very quiet and quaint town. I’ve always loved how the community comes together for each other. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away, I always feel a sense of love and ‘home’ when I come back. Everything! There is so much from shopping, eating, hiking and strolling on campus. 


4. Chuck Moss: Class of 1994 

Attending the USDOE Summit on Education Leaders with several fellow Lancers who served on the VAESP Board of Directors. Mrs. Anne Griffin was my biology teacher in high school and her stories of life at Longwood led me to apply and accept admission! Make every connection you can and decide with whom you want to surround yourself, not just what salary you hope to make.


5. Harron Fells: Class of 1990

Shadow programs will allow you to gain more experience and to be hands-on. I didn't have the opportunity to work as an intern but my experience on campus working in the dining hall and at the radio station helped me to gain experience which I incorporate into my own business.  Just get out of your comfort zone and experience working on campus or a summer job because you never know what you will need in the years to come.

Every year I looked forward to Oktoberfest. It was a long, fun-filled weekend. As a music major,  I had to perform with several bands that day. After we were finished we could spend time with our friends and the festivities.  Also, I was so looking forward to when I turned 21yr old so that I could go into the beer garden, lift our mugs in the celebration. It was so worth the wait.


6. Rachel West: Class of 2014 

I was chosen to be a Klown in 2012 and had such a great experience working with my fellow students to plan and perform songs and dances for our Oktoberfest performance. The next year I was on Mortar Board and loved being able to give back and plan Oktoberfest for the Longwood community. 

7. Lori Beekman: Class of 1991 

Working in an actual office in between years at Longwood helped me to understand the work ethic involved in some careers. It helped me to be better focused on not only understanding concepts for my major, but requirements needed to work in an office environment. The teamwork, the independence of some projects and the self reliance needed. 


8. Brandon Mills: Class of 2019 

Chyanne Correa '19, Sadie Hodges '19, Makayla Stevens '20, Brandon Mills '19, Sarah Hoffman '19, Jillian Dudley '19, Ambassador Ball

Longwood friends mean more than anything to me, more now that we are all alumni. What makes Longwood friends special is that you have something in common, but also can pick up right where you left off and nothing has changed. Longwood provided me with my forever friends, and I owe it all to our Alma Mater because without them, I would not be the Lancer I am today.

The North Street Press Club is an amazing place for Lancers to meet other Lancers. New friendships can be started anywhere, but I have met so many people every time I go here. The food, service, and the music is amazing! If you haven't already, definitely check it out! 


9. Julie Wiley-Ramsey: Class of 1993 

Parents weekend at LW It’s a magical place - life just slows down in Farmville!! My blood pressure drops and life is just easier! So much to not miss! High Bridge Trail is breathtaking once you get out to the bridge!! And read about the history and importance of the High Bridge during the Civil War.


10. Patricia Crute: Class of 1980 

I’m honored to be a chapter advisor for Alpha Gamma Delta. In August I gave approximately 15 hours to the organization. So far in September, I have given 10 hours. In addition, I am on the LCVA Advisory Board and the Andy Taylor Learning Center Advisory Board. It’s important to me to support the collegians in their professional development growth as officers, as well as contribute to outreach programs of the University. Giving to others because you benefited from a wonderful education, is priceless. Find your passion!


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