Alumni weekend—May 31 through June 2—is a great time to return to campus to reconnect with friends and classmates. And not only will you strengthen ties with old friends, you can build new bonds with alumni of all ages. A special way to do this is to spend time throughout the weekend with folks who were involved with the clubs, teams, or organizations that were important during your Longwood career.

Whether your affinity is with Ambassadors, one of our service organizations, or as a Greek, you will have a great weekend sharing memories and experiences with other Lancers. Mother and daughter Kathy Fox ’85 and Reilly Fox ’20, not only share DNA, they share Lancer love and the connection of both being members of Alpha Gamma Delta. (Son/brother Christian is also a Lancer, class of 2016.) Kathy and Reilly both attended last year’s alumni weekend and eagerly look forward to this year’s!

We spoke with them to hear their thoughts on reunion and Longwood.


Why is it important to keep connections at Longwood?

Kathy:  One of the greatest things about Longwood is its history and traditions. When alumni stay connected to campus, it helps keep our history and traditions alive with current students who are there. It’s so great to make connections with students so they can have as great an experience as we did.

Reilly:  Longwood has given so much to me. So it will be important for me to keep connections so I can continue to have opportunities to grow, become successful, and be a leader. And I want to help others the same way that I have been helped.


Why do you encourage others to come back to alumni weekend?

Kathy: With the advent of Facebook, I thought I kept in touch with a lot of people. But going back to campus and seeing people in person is so much better. Staying on campus feels like being a student at Longwood again! There are lots of changes on campus but so many wonderful things remain the same that everyone feels that tightknit, family feeling. And it’s awesome for people to connect with members of their fraternity, club or whatever they were involved in.

Reilly:  Once I graduate, I definitely will come back. It’s a really fun experience that lets you connect to people you weren’t friends with when you were here and to also be with your old friends. It’s always fun to hear my mom and her Alpha Gam sisters talk about how close they were when they were here. They continue those relationships with each other, and with me and my friends now, and at alumni weekend. Being at Longwood is not just four years, it’s for life.


What’s a special memory of your time at Longwood?

Kathy: Everything - it’s really hard to narrow it down! A lot of my fond memories have to do with my chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta which I was (and am) really involved with. But one thing I always remember is one crazily beautiful fall day when I was going to pick up my mail, I just stopped and thought to myself, “This is where I’m supposed to be; it’s the perfect place.” I get the same feeling every time I’m in that same spot on campus.

When my kids were young, I was dragging them across the campus to show them my favorite places. And now they are dragging me to see their favorites! The lawn in front of Stubbs and Wheeler are favorite places for all of us.

Reilly:  Getting into Ambassadors was great and something I’ll always remember. Once you get in, current Ambassadors decorate the door (of your dorm room), find you on campus and sign a song. I will look forward to seeing Ambassadors from through the year when I attend reunions in years to come! Joining Alpha Gam and getting to know so many amazing people has been great. It’s so nice to join something that my mom was part of. It’s great to create my own experience in Alpha Gam and also share it with her.

We hope that you will join Reilly, Kathy, and hundreds of other Lancers at Alumni Weekend so you too can forge and strengthen special connections. Register today. See you there!





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