Lancers – we need your help in cleaning up. But don’t worry, this doesn’t involve any heavy lifting!

All we want is for you to take a few minutes to clean up the Longwood Network database by updating your information. This will help ensure we can keep you informed about all the great things going on at Longwood.

We know that there are lots of ways for you to stay connected with fellow alumni. And we encourage you to use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media for Longwood connections. But the great thing about keeping your information updated in the Longwood Network is that you ensure that the university stays current on your preferences for receiving communications from us as well as other alumni, faculty and staff. 

Through this new entranceway into the Longwood Network, you can update your professional information, marital status, and family updates. 

At the same time, you can let us know how you want to engage with Longwood. Whether you are interested in listening to our podcast, attending events, volunteering in our 1 hour a month program, engaging in our traditions programs, or helping current students – the Longwood Network is a great portal to start your journey.

The Longwood Network is a great resource:

  • Utilize it as a referral source when you’re in the job market. Use the professional and geographic information to reach out to alumni who can offer advice. 
  • Find other Lancers who live near you and are interested in volunteering with you on a regional alumni event.
  • Discover all the great ways you can support your alma mater.
  • Reconnect with friends so you can share college memories and create new ones.

In appreciation for your help in cleaning up our database, we want to help you clean up your home! Two lucky alumni who update their Longwood Network info before DATE will be selected at random to receive a Dyson Ball Total Clean Vacuum. This appliance is so state-of-the-art it does almost everything except push itself!

“We are excited to bring this great way for Lancers to celebrate traditions, new and old,” says Ryan Catherwood, Longwood Assistant Vice President, Alumni and Career Services. “We want our alumni to feel a sense of how much their degree continues to increase in value, learn about the new buildings and beautiful changes occurring on campus, and see how what an exciting place Farmville is and how Longwood is a big part of that.” 

For all of these reasons and more, staying connected to Longwood is important and invaluable throughout your life. Stay connected with us and take just a few minutes today to update your information on the Longwood Network!

Need help locating your login information? You should have received an email from Longwood Alumni titles "Don't look! Or maybe you should..." with your login information. If you did not receive this email please contact our office at or (434) 395-2044 and we can help you log in. 



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