After four years of classes, exams, papers, and extracurricular activities, the spring of our Lancers’ senior year brings them one step closer to an exciting new status: membership in Longwood’s alumni association. Some great traditions guide students as they prepare for an exciting life after Longwood:

Ring Ceremony:  Held in March, the ring ceremony provides participants with a special afternoon that kicks off commencement season. On the eve of the ceremony, the rings are placed in a steamer trunk painted by members of Princeps and CHI, two of Longwood’s secret societies. The trunk spends the night in the Rotunda, under the watchful eyes of Joanie on the Stonie, ensuring that the rings are infused with Longwood tradition and heart. 

At the ceremony, which is followed by a luncheon with the alumni board and Longwood President W. Taylor Reveley IV,  President Reveley and leaders of the alumni board speak about the honor and importance of wearing a class ring.

The ring ceremony—an old Longwood tradition revived in 2018—is not just for current students! Ashley Jones ’12, Longwood’s assistant director of engagement communication, was happy to participate in the 2019 ceremony. “I didn’t get a ring my junior year and I missed out,” she says. “Wearing the ring means a lot to me and having my husband show up at the ceremony to put my ring on was a great surprise.”

It’s never too late to order your college ring, whether you’re an alum of Longwood College (class of 2003 and earlier) or Longwood University. The great news is that you can get a ring that says Longwood College or Longwood University. 


Senior Toast: May 2019 marked the inaugural Senior Toast event, a joyous celebration welcoming the soon-to-be graduates to the alumni association and providing seniors a chance to network and celebrate with Lancer alumni. Each senior invited an alum important to their life back to this campus event to bestow on the senior a cord, regalia to be worn at graduation, symbolizing citizen leadership. 

The evening brought together 350 seniors and 60 alumni—ranging from the class of 1979 to the class of 2018—for a cocktail hour, ceremony, and celebration that started at Chichester, moved on to the Soza Ballroom and ended at Blackwell Ballroom.

“This event allowed seniors and alumni to come together as one Lancer family,” says Amber Litchford ’17, program specialist for alumni engagement at Longwood. “An alum speaker from the class of 2018 shared how hard it was to leave Longwood but how great it is to spread your wings and know that you are always a Lancer.”

With a DJ, fine dining, photo booth, a formal toast by the two senior class emcees, and dancing (including with President Reveley!), the event was such a success that many members of the class of 2019 are hoping to be invited back next year as alumni by their rising senior friends.


Alumni Weekend: Held on the weekend after Memorial Day, this event is actually 54 events, all held in just two days! Countless new memories were created during Alumni Weekend 2019 which included 100 student volunteers, 640 participants, including Betty Romeo Wingfield ’49, the oldest alumna in attendance, who was accompanied by two daughters, including Betsey Lyn Wingfield ’78.

“Everybody enjoyed the coming together of so many generations,” said Nicole Perkins ’05, Longwood director of alumni engagement. “Thanks to a well-executed rain plan, we were able to gather so many alums to connect on Friday night in the Soza Ballroom of the newly opened Upchurch University Center. The floorboards of the ballroom are repurposed from one of the oldest residence halls on campus, North Cunninghams. It was truly special, almost like being together on hallowed ground.”

Programming including new events as well as fun activities that alumni remember from their student days. Whether folks were taking ghost tours (walking around campus with lanterns while listening to tall tales about Longwood, many of which were created by beloved retired faculty member Dr. Jim Jordan), playing ooze ball (volleyball in a mud pit), or testing their luck during casino night, Alumni Weekend provided the opportunity to connect and reconnect while enjoying some of the best traditions of Oktoberfest and spring weekend.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Alumni Weekend 2020: May 29 – 31, 2020!


Welcome to the City: We are already looking forward to this third annual event! Recent graduates will be invited to attend their first regional event as alumni. At each of these August events—in Richmond, Northern Virginia, and the Hampton Roads area—new alumni get to learn from older alums the best things about their news community, such as where to live, play, eat, find the cheapest happy hour, and locate a great dog park. It’s a great chance for all Lancers to get together and create community!

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