"During COVID 19 we find ourselves alone most of the time. We are trapped inside dreaming about the past, the future, and the unknowns. We long for conversation but the only person around is ourselves. The person that we hardly know and rarely make time for. Terrifying yet satisfying, intertwined thoughts of dislike and love. Only truthful conversations because the mind cannot lie to itself...or was that just a lie? 

Life is all around us and the frames of our lives are always passing by. It only takes a few seconds to change the courses of our lives.  The frames I focus on capturing are based on the story I wish to tell.  Everything in the frame matters to me. It's not about taking one shot and you’re done: it’s taking the time to see if you captured the exact angle of the story you are trying to tell.  In this particular photograph, I thought about what it was I wanted to say. Although I knew I wanted to play with reflections, I had to try a large variety of placements before ending up with the shot I wanted."

Q: Do you use any sort of digital photo editing program? If so, what is your favorite program to use?

A: I am not a huge fan of altering pictures with Photoshop because I think it detracts from my artist process of creating an image.  I feel more accomplished by pushing the limits using a camera and objects in the environment.  When I feel the need to make some small edits (usually in color), I prefer Adobe Photoshop CC.  


Q: How long have you been interested in photography? What inspires your “frame”?

A: I have been taking photographs since I was a small child.  My dad used to say, “Here comes the paparazzi” much to the amusement of my other family members.  I love capturing life and I find photography as a way to hold on to my memories forever. Photographs help me to remember the emotion of the day or the warmth of my children in my arms.  My entire life I have moved every three or four years. I found that photography allowed me to capture the beauty of various locations, remember the warmth of people I met, and create cherished memories I can hold on to.  


Q: What type of camera do you use?

A: I recently just relocated to Bahrain and so I just updated my Canon 6D to a Canon Mark IV camera to better capture specific moments, landscapes, and life of this beautiful island.


Q: What is in your dream photography bag?

A: In my dream camera bag, I would carry exactly what I currently have, maybe I would throw a few Holga film cameras in there and have a darkroom built in my house.  It is extremely difficult for me to identify “my go-to lens” as each offers me a chance to capture something different, in a different and unique way, though my L-series lenses are my favorite due to the sharpness of the images captured. 


Q: Who or what is your greatest creative influence?

A: Frida Kahlo is one of my creative influences.  The way she painted her pains for the whole world to see has always inspired me and her art is extremely captivating. When I view her work, I always feel inspired to try something new and not be afraid to show the world a little bit of myself.  My daily inspiration comes from my children and my need to capture those fleeting moments that can be so quickly forgotten.  


Q: Is this photograph a part of a series, or do you plan to make this into a series?

A: This particular photograph is not part of a series.  It conveys want I wanted to convey; I wanted to remember the loneliness. Shouldn't a photograph about loneliness stand alone? I think it's important to remember those moments to appreciate the people in your life that you have been blessed with. COVID has left most of us feeling alone and taking the time to know and love yourself can be a terrifying journey to embark upon but we shouldn’t be afraid to take the first step.  


Q: What is your favorite subject matter to photograph?

A: My favorite things to photograph are all of God's creations, the beautiful way that light hits a subject, reflections made in water, and all the amazing life we sometimes take for granted.  These are a few of the reasons why photography is my passion.  


Ashley Jones '12 & Ashley Duenez Riemann '05

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