Right off the bat, episode 4 plunges into the adventurous lives of Longwood Alumni, Amelia Erickson ’19 and Makayla Hostetter ’19. After they graduated, these courageous women embarked on the experience of a lifetime when they headed to a remote village, Quinhagak, Alaska, for their first year of teaching. Their lives in bush Alaska, which encompass a multitude of different challenges and unique moments, are completely captivating.

Erickson and Hostetter, who are full of passion and a contagious excitement, share about their distinct experiences with Alaskan culture, such as their first time in a maqi, a.k.a a steam bath, obtaining basic necessities, and how putting themselves in a completely unfamiliar position has pushed them to grow, learn, and adapt in ways that were completely unimaginable. As they recount all about their community and adventures so far, they face the question of whether they will stay in Alaska or return home. Listening to Hostetter and Erickson will inspire every individual to push themselves out of their comfort zone and enjoy the journey of growth that is a result.  

In Part 2 of “Stay or Go,” listeners will return to the story of Amelia Erickson and Makayla Hostetter, both Class of 2019. They’re best friends and decided to go on an adventure to live and teach in rural Quinhagak, Alaska. Their village is in an incredibly remote location which has many implications. 

In this episode, Amelia and Makayla weigh the good and the not-so-good aspects of their experience in Alaska. While they’ve made progress teaching students, it’s freezing cold, crazy remote, surprisingly expensive, and other factors all play into whether to stay and teach another year. 

Find out whether Amelia and Makayla decide to Stay or Go on this episode of Day After Graduation.

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