This podcast is a two-part episode diving into the journeys of two women, Jenny Hale '98 and Molly Odell '76. The first section of the podcast brings light onto the choices Jenny Hale, Longwood Class of 1998, took to become the romance novelist she is now. Leaving Longwood in 1998 with a degree in teaching, Hale spent 18 years in the field. This however never buried her talent for writing. Throughout her teaching career, Hale was always writing, Over the last three years of her teaching career, she started to take writing more seriously, putting all of her free time into producing her first book. This podcast dives deep into her journey to be the established author she is now.

The second section of this podcast looks into the story of Molly Odell '76 and how she went from being Longwood’s first-ever student accepted to medical school directly from Longwood to producing poetry. After graduating from Longwood in 1976, Odell went to medical school to become a general practitioner. It was during this time when she attended a workshop at Nimrod and fell in love with poetry. It was after this, and with a move to Nebraska, Odell started to produce poetry for other people to enjoy. Since then she has produced many works, this section of the podcast takes a closer look at the details and steps she took to get to where she is today. 

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