In our January Priority Bundle, we asked alumni to share a photo of Lancer get-togethers over the holiday and new year celebration, reflect on Longwood themed resolutions for the new year and resolution advice for students as they enter the spring semester. Below are some of the highlights.

Rachel Zeldin '12: Priority Bundle (Advice)

Stay active and stay involved with different organizations on campus! Also, stay organized as a college student could get very unorganized very quickly. Make lists, use post-it notes, get color-coded flags. Study hard! I just had the opportunity to do the Longwood work shadow program. It was great to have the day to have a Longwood student see what I do on a daily basis. Also, it was great to reconnect and hear about how Longwood has changed over the years!

Janice Elliott '05: Priority Bundle (Advice)

As a college student, a solid New Year's resolution would be to simply take one task at a time and celebrate small victories. When I was a student, I tended to focus on the endless lists of assignments and deadlines. As I get older, I realize that breaking things down into more manageable "bite-sized" pieces makes things much easier. Instead of looking at the big picture, take the semester and the year on assignment and one day at a time.

Corrine Louden '02: To Lead is to Serve

In January, a current Longwood Student came to visit me at work :)  Michael Eason and I were connected through Patti Carey, one of our amazing, energetic, and loving CBE professors.  Patti is connecting alumni and current students through a mentorship program.  Michael and I were connected through email.  We continued to chat via email and then decided to meet up at my job.  Michael came to visit for the day, meeting with various staff in the Office of the State Inspector General, to include the State Inspector General and investigations team.  Michael's interest in fraud was key to his visit!  I was able to share my experiences from being a Longwood student to interning at the APA (which happens to be across the hall - and my former APA supervisor happened to get on the elevator to meet Michael that day lol!), to various positions throughout the Commonwealth before I ended up here at OSIG.  It was a great day that we both enjoyed, ending with lunch downtown.  Michael has a great future ahead!!!

Katrina Goodman '97 & '01: Longwood Loves Farmville

I love Farmville for its small-town feel. It has all the amenities without the traffic and chaos. Restaurants and shopping are within walking distance (for those without a car) and there are parks and nature trails nearby too. Farmville is a great home away from home while attending Longwood University.

Kelly Leslie '09: Live, Love, Share

I came from a small school and had a graduating class of 8.  I was definitely used to the small classroom sizes and a good student to teacher ratios.  Our teachers cared for us and we knew it.  I thought going to college was going to be scary because it was so many people but it really wasn't.  Even though Longwood has thousands of students, the class sizes are still mostly small.  Teachers get to know you, help you, and even become friends.  It wasn't a hard transition, and I loved that!

Dawn Emerson '98: Longwood Loves Farmville

See and do EVERYTHING!!! Take pictures.  I loved sitting on the fountain and people watching. Macados!!! and often. Walk the campus, take it all in. Walk the streets. Read those historical signs. You will see just how rich Farmville is in history. If you are from a bigger area, drive out in Prince Edward County and see the beautiful country.


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