Do you work in management or team leadership or know someone who does? Current senior Samuel Torpy dreams of managing a company and overseeing a team of customer service professionals after graduation this May. He would love your advice about the best companies to work and any other insights that you may want to offer him.

Torpy is a business administration major with a double concentration in marketing and management, an endorsement in supply chain management, and a minor in communication studies. His dream is to work in a customer-service oriented industry where he can lead a team of professionals in providing a high-quality consumer experience.

A second generation Lancer, Torpy didn’t want anything to do with Longwood when his mom first started talking to him about college. He told his mom “I don’t want to go to the same place as you” but then when he came to campus, he realized it checked every single box he had for his college search. He was asked “why Longwood?” and he replied “why not Longwood is the real question,” showing how much Longwood has impacted his life. “Every time I would have a dream about going to college, it was Longwood in my dream and that stuck with me, and I wouldn’t change my decision for the world,” he affirmed.

"Every time I would have a dream about going to college, it was Longwood in my dream and that stuck with me, and I wouldn’t change my decision for the world."

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Torpy loves business and leadership due in part to his dad, saying “I have always been fascinated with the impact of leaders, and my father was my influence growing up as he was a businessman.” Torpy continued “one of the major ways he and I connected as I got older was to chat about work and how integral business is to the world.” It was those conversations each day mixed with Torpy’s incredible ability to develop relationships, that makes him the great leader and team-player he has become during his time at Longwood.

In addition to his academic work, Torpy is also involved in a wide array of extracurricular activities. He is the current executive treasurer of the Student Government Association, managing a nearly one million dollar budget, after having served as both the vice-treasurer and the College of Business and Economics representative. He is also the current president of the College of Business and Economics Dean’s Student Advisory Board, the president of the Geist Chapter of Mortar Board, a member of Chi Alpha, Beyond the Numbers, Delta Sigma Pi, and most recently completed an internship with the Longwood Small Business Development Center. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, he works as a lancer line student caller for the Office of Institutional Advancement.

If Torpy could thank one person from his undergraduate experience, he would thank Patti Carey, the director of student engagement and special initiatives in the College of Business and Economics, because “she has been one of my biggest advocates in the business school.” Like many, Torpy raves about Carey, continuing, “she is a light for so many students and when she left for a year, the business school wasn’t the same… she breathes Longwood and she is so student focused… she is a diamond in the rough.” And Torpy’s favorite class you ask? That would be MANG291: Business Communications with Carey, because “I love the way she ran the class… it was about facilitating discussion and it was fun simply to show up and I looked forward to it every day.” 

The driving force behind Torpy’s work both in and out of the classroom is his craving for success. As soon as one thing is complete, it seems that Torpy is on to the next. “Success is happiness, and happiness is about finding the thing that brings the most joy to the most people” he asserted. Torpy continued, “how awesome would it be to wake up every day and think about how I can impact others positively… that would be success.”

Consider connecting with Torpy on LinkedIn and share your advice and any job opportunities that could be available to him after graduation.

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Dustyn Hall '18 is the Director of Young Alumni & Student Giving in the Office of Institutional Advancement, and has served in that role since July 2019. Before his current service at Longwood began, Dustyn worked for Phi Mu Delta National Fraternity & Educational Foundation as the Director of Advancement, where he oversaw the development, communications, and alumni engagement sectors of their operations.

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