What can you do in one hour?

In a word–plenty! Longwood provides prompts and you set aside one hour to respond with words, images and photos that Longwood may share with the greater community on the Longwood alumni and career websites and social media accounts.

What is this program?

We have created activities outlined in Time Bundles, which each requires just one hour. We want you to focus on offering readers advice, reflections, and photos that make the Longwood experience come alive!

Whether you’re sharing information about your student experience or life after graduation, advice on life hacks or suggestions on what new Lancer alums should do for fun in Richmond or DC, you are a vital part of supporting and expanding our Longwood community and social media network.

There’s a Priority Bundle that has a different time-sensitive prompt each month reflecting what our Longwood focus is at that moment in time. In addition, there are regular prompts—such as “Longwood Loves Farmville", “Longwood at Work", and Flagraiser: Longwood Travels”—on which you can share photos and reflections.

Sounds great! Tell me about other Lancer alumni who have volunteered in this way.

David Flickinger ’95—who received a BS in physics, a mathematics minor and secondary education certification—teaches high school physics and mathematics. He’s been a 1 Hour a Month volunteer for the past few years and likes it so much that he has encouraged friends to participate.

“I was a Longwood ambassador and served as an orientation leader while at Longwood,” said Flickinger, who will have two children attending Longwood this year. “I love those experiences and wanted to share them with others.”

“The program keeps me connected to Longwood and helps keep me focused on sharing Longwood’s ideals with students in my high school classes,” he said. He especially enjoys doing the priority bundles which he said are more tightly focused and allow him to complete his hour of volunteering in one sitting.

“I would encourage (other Lancer alumni) to join the program,” said Flickinger. “It keeps you connected to Longwood and allows you to see all the awesome new changes that are taking place.”

Courtney Jones ’11, who received her bachelor’s degree in communication studies mass media, is the digital media manager for Rare Finds Travel Design, a custom do-it-yourself travel service. A 1 Hour a Month volunteer for the past two years, Jones loves that the program enables her to stay connected to Longwood activities and fellow alumni while promoting school activities and interacting with prospective as well as current students. 

Being a Longwood flag raiser has been one of her favorite activities. “Taking photos with the flag in faraway places has led me to meeting fellow alumni or friends and family of alumni,” she said. “I’ve met fellow Lancers everywhere from Petrified Forest National Park to the Caribbean.”

When asked what she would tell other alumni considering volunteering 1 Hour a Month, Jones said, “Definitely do it! The program is a great way to stay involved in the Longwood community, relive fun memories and form new friendships and connections with fellow students and alumni.”

“I like how the program keeps me connected to the Longwood community without being on campus,” said Jones. “I can share digital stories or take pictures with the Longwood flag and create new memories as well. The rewards are really nice too! They are high quality and I always get asked about them when people see me with the water bottle, cooler, or t-shirt.”

There’s swag too?

Yes! Not only will you make new and strengthen old Longwood connections while giving back to our alma mater, but you can also earn great Longwood gear! Your gift choices, which reflect your length of service in the program, include Longwood-branded water bottles, tote bags, t-shirts, blankets, hats and more!

How do I get involved?

Read more about 1 Hour a Month and register

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