Reason #10: It's time to catch up!

Thank you for being a friend. Alumni Weekend attendees will have all weekend to reconnect with classmates and friends again.

Reason #9: The dance floor awaits.

Bring your best moves. Friday night with Re-Drum, an energy-infused, "best of both worlds" mash-up of live band + DJ. Featuring not one, but two Alums: Patrick Zurn '17 and J.D. Cichocki '19. Saturday night, J. Baxter & the SAUCE will pour on the funk, the salsa, the pop, rock and soul. 

Reason #8: All-you-can-drink, all weekend.

We've got you covered with a wide selection of beer, wine and soda, plus ice-cold water.

Reason #7: Jog down memory lane.

Whether it's by a campus tour or the #LongwoodTogether 5k & 1-mile fun run around campus.

Reason #6: Stay late at the party.

Your bed is just a short walk across campus.

Reason #5: Baked Alaska or Longwood Salad, it's all-inclusive.

You won't go hungry this weekend.

Reason #4: Be the first...

To tour Longwood's new basketball arena, the Joan Perry Brock Center! Hard hats provided.

Reason #3: Rediscover Farmville!

Live music, great food, boutiques, antiques, craft beer and clever cocktails.

Reason #2: RED VS. GREEN

The epic battle returns for another round. 

Reason #1: Stock up on the good luck.

Rub Joanie's hands, then go crown-hopping.


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