Overheard: I Still Got IT!

Multiple alumni reported having “owned” the beer pong table (again) after hours. Since each of the on-campus accommodations are suites - two rooms with four beds, those that opt for using the second room as a hangout spot felt like the center of the at-college-again universe.

Overheard: I could have used that air conditioning when I was a student.

Reunion revelers noted with glee that all the residence halls are air-conditioned now.

Overheard: I forgot how much I missed Longwood. 

Feeling all the feels, an attendee from the Decade of the 90's just can't keep it together anymore.

Overheard: That was an epic dance party on Stubbs Lawn

Still experiencing shock and awe, four Alpha Delta Pi sorority sisters from the Class of '12 gathered at Dhall on Sunday morning and discussed sore limbs and blistered feet after the previous night's dance party.

Overheard: I Can't Party Like I Used To

A Class of ‘02 alum wearing dark sunglasses claiming Flip Cup champion status will also describe an overall state-of-being as “over the hill” and “too old for what I just did”.

Overheard: It was awesome to see my favorite professor again!

Alumni Weekend attendees will have the opportunity to reconnect with many of Longwood's most beloved faculty members again.

Overheard: Late night breakfast at D-hall was the most incredible meal of my life

Eggs and French toast after a night of dancing and partying? Get you some.


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