• LinkedIn: The Missing Manual

    Every alum knows that effective networking is the difference between landing a job and landing a great job. And that mastering LinkedIn is a critical component of effective networking.

  • Longwood's Online MBA Program Sees Changes

    If you're looking for an MBA that fits your unique situation and schedule, you've found it. U.S. News & World Report says this is one of the best online MBA programs in the nation.

  • Employer Spotlight: Parallon

    Learn why Emily Conner, a Longwood 2012 graduate from Communications Studies enjoys working at Parallon.

  • Connecting at Alumni Weekend

    Question: When was the last time you reconnected with an old classmate or professor, or even alumni?

  • Open Doors with the Longwood Network

    Dale Baake '07, knows firsthand the power of the Longwood network. He says that his gratitude for the ways that Longwood shaped him professionally and personally and helped him become a citizen-leader cemented his commitment to the school.

  • Listen Up!

    An upcoming episode features the haunting story of Amy Bradley who disappeared in 1998 while on a cruise with her family and has never been found. Her disappearance has been reenacted on the television show "Vanished."