A weekly podcast of stories from the world after graduation—offering college students and recent grads an insider’s look at navigating pitfalls and charting a course to success in their career path.

Latest Episode: Adjusted

Life after college doesn’t always go as planned. There’s no ‘road map’ or guidelines as to what life is supposed to look like post-college, rather adjusting to the changes and speed bumps along the way. In this episode, we share three stories of total chaos, starting with Catherine Byers Breet ‘93 as she takes us through her journey as a brand new flight attendant with some (literally) bumpy circumstances. Host Ryan Catherwood goes back to one of his first jobs after college to speak with his old boss - and asks why he was let go! Finally, Kirsten Gaines ‘15 shares her experiences buying, crashing, and navigating life as a new car owner.

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