Events in your area for Longwood alumni and friends

Throughout the year Longwood's Office of Alumni & Career Services is dedicated to bringing you quality and fun programming around the state and the country. Be sure to bookmark this page to check out the latest opportunities coming up in your area. 


As proud Longwood Alumni, we have a lot to celebrate, from our rich history and traditions to our university's tremendous growth.  The Office of Alumni & Career Services routinely hosts regional events geared to celebrate everything that makes Longwood so special. 


You will never find a more natural connection than the one you have with fellow Longwood alumni. Throughout the year we have a series of events aimed to strengthen you professional network by connecting with old friends and by making new connections with fellow Lancers. 

A commitment to lifelong learning

Our mission at Longwood Alumni & Career Services is not only to engage our alumni base but provide opportunities for folks to step outside their comfort zone and engage in a fun, creative opportunity tied to lifelong learning. We hold several lifelong learning events regionally such as art classes, museum visits, and more so that you can continue to learn as a lifelong Lancer.