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Conference, Trainings, and Workshops

Longwood University’s Annual Assessment Conference

Begun in January 2011, Longwood’s annual Assessment Conference is a celebration of assessment achievements and promotes "Longwood best practice." It engages faculty and staff in the dialogue of building a "culture of evidence." The conference went virtual in 2013 to meet diverse and busy schedules of participants and to expand conference attendance internally and externally.


Longwood Best Practice:  Student Centered Assessment and Planning

Open to the public February 3, 2014, join Longwood faculty and staff at http://blogs.longwood.edu/14assessconf/ as Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ken Perkins welcomes participants to Longwood’s second virtual assessment conference. Through video recorded presentations, faculty and staff share their experiences and expertise in assessment and planning.  This year, guest Keynote Presenter Ken O'Donnell of California State University also joins Longwood's annual assessment conference.  The opportunity to dialogue with presenters through their session blogs is available only from February 3-7, 2014, but the conference site with links to sessions and materials will remain open for future reference.


Workshop and Training Updates

conference room


WEAVEonline is the online assessment management system used by Longwood University for annual assessment and planning.

One-on-One Support:
Are you wondering how to update past action plans? Why are past years’ findings continuing to show up? For whatever WEAVEonline needs you may have, one-on-one sessions are offered throughout the year. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 30 minutes to answer your question, sign up for one of the 30 minute time slots and come meet with Linda Townsend in Greenwood Library to obtain one-on-one technical support with WEAVEonline. Wath for sign up announcements from the Academic Affairs office.

For questions on WEAVEonline, contact Linda Townsend at townsendlm@longwood.edu or call #4954.