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Assessment & Institutional Research

Mission Statement

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The Mission of the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR) is to promote campus-wide vigorous self-regulation and continuous improvement by:

  • Engaging in systematic, ongoing, integrated, research-based planning and assessment/evaluation practice
  • Facilitating program/service review and assessments
  • Developing and maintaining the institution's electronic data repository
  • Coordinating the development of reports to ensure the university and its programs satisfy the requirements established by the federal, the state, the regional accreditation, as well as various types of specialized professional accreditation agencies.


  • To function as the information repository of the institution by collecting and disseminating university data;
  • To report the institutional data to meet the requirements of the federal, state, regional accrediting agencies, and to meet the needs of the executive administration, division, college, and department/program in their decision making;
  • To analyze the institutional data to support the university's strategic planning, annual planning, and assessment;
  • To coordinate the university wide assessment activities to ensure the activities are aligned with the accountability requirements that are requirements developed by SACS, SCHEV, and various specialized professional accrediting agencies;
  • To function as communicator to conduct and promote better communication within and between the units;
  • To provide consultation in research methodology.

Request A Data Report

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An example of a simple Data Request (pdf)